5 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Next Parks & Recreation Software

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1. Change is hard and now that you have committed yourself, you need to make the right change! This webinar takes you through all the Dos and Donts of choosing your next vendor. 5 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Your Next Parks & Rec Software 2. Client vs cloud Mobile vs desktop Work from anywhere Invest in a change that matters 3. You only know what you know Ask for more on a regular basis What is missing? Create a list of Must Haves & Nice to Haves 4. Less training costs Faster implementation Enjoy work Usability can save you money & headache 5. Attract clients from private sectors How do fitness & martial arts gyms do it? A social community that promotes you Automated rating Act like a business & learn from private sectors 6. Empower your Instructors Volunteers love you Community involvement Create an amazing work environment by getting everyone involved 7. Multi-memberships Multiple programs Levels Track facility attendees Automated tasks Automated reminders Refunds and cancellations Your system shouldnt define your processes, You should! 8. Don't settle for anything but the best or you will regret it in the next 10 years To get a checklist for finding your next vendor or for a free 30 minute consultation email me at: Recreation@perfectmind.com


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