5 Golden Rules To Prevent From Google Panda

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<p>5 Golden rules to prevent from Google panda updates </p> <p>5 Golden rules to prevent from Google panda updates Created byJohn M. Vesterwww.bangaloreseocompany.in</p> <p>IntroductionGoogle panda is one of the algorithm updates of Google, which was designed to find out the low quality sites and prevent them from showing up in top of the search results.The main aim of this is to help user to find relevant and high value content that solve their queries.If you want to stay on top of the Google, then read on.</p> <p>Improve or Remove bad contentTry to improve or remove low quality web pages which contains thin, irrelevant, duplicated and over-optimized content.Add noindex tag on the web pages such as category page, archives, contact and disclaimer pages.Because, they doesnt give any add value to the users.</p> <p>Neat up your siteTry to avoid excessive ads on your websites.Dont use more than 100 links per pages.Try to create custom helpful 404 pages.You should keep your website well-organized and easy to navigate.Validate your website by using popular tools like CSS validator/HTML Validator.You can use 301 redirect to fix broken links on your website.</p> <p>Fix Duplicate contentYou can use only 1 version of homepage URL. Either with www or non www.</p> <p> Depending on the structure of your website, same web pages can be opened via multiple URLs occasionally. To prevent from this error, you have to set rel=canonical HTML tag on the original webpages.If you doesnt know to fix the error, then you can get help from the SEO Consultancy services. </p> <p>It will helps the Google, to find which one is original and which one they crawl for the search results.</p> <p>Make your website faster You should speed up your website by following below tips :Use cache plugins.Use responsive web design.Compress the images and videos on your websites.Avoid flashRemove unwanted or inactive Wordpress plugins.</p> <p>Build original contentKeep posted your website with original, fresh, relevant, well-edited content regularly.</p> <p>You should create content for the readers, NOT for search engines.</p> <p>ConclusionLearn the above 5 most important tips to avoid panda penalties and make your site into high ranked on search engines.</p> <p>Sources from: http://www.bangaloreseocompany.in</p>


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