5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

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  1. 1. 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This SummerSummer often means vacations, which often means more time in the car.Although we love the warm weather while were at the beach, getting into a carthats also been sitting out in the sun all day long is not so fun. In fact, a carthats been sitting under a blazing hot sun all day can reach unsafetemperatures inside very quickly. Thats why its important to never leavechildren or pets in the car. There are certain precautions that can be taken tominimize the effects of the hot summer sun.#1 Park in the GarageIf you have a garage at home or have access to a garage at work, park in it. Agarage is typically much cooler than a driveway or parking lot because it iscovered and only gets sunlight through the windows or open areas on thesides.#2 Park in the ShadeIf you dont have access to a garage, the shade is your next best option. Lookfor a spot thats located underneath some trees or gets shade from a nearbybuilding. Even if it means walking a little bit further it will keep your car muchcooler than if you had left it out in the sun.#3 Crack the WindowsEven just a half an inch can make a difference because it allows for someventilation. Only crack your windows if you are in a safe area or will only beaway from your car for a short period of time.#4 Purchase a SunshadeA sunshade is placed across the dashboard and blocks sunlight. There are avariety of materials and sizes to choose from. Make sure to purchase one thatfits. If its too small, it wont do its job.#5 Check Your FluidsWhen the interior of your car is hot, it also means that every other part of yourcar is hot too, which can sometimes affect the performance of the car. Be sureto check the oil and the wiper, radiator, break, transmission, and power steeringfluids before driving a far distance. If your car isnt ready for the dog days ofsummer it can easily overheat which can result in extensive damage. Theradiator should be full with a 50/50 coolant and water mix.About the Author:Toms Foreign Auto Parts is a used foreign auto part retailer that offers a largeselection of quality used foreign auto parts. For more information please call800-255-6656 or visit http://www.tomsforeign.com.