Working with perfect wedding videographers

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  • Working with perfect wedding videographers

    Every wedding is as unique as the two people who are getting wedded. One of the

    first things that are arranged immediately after the date for wedding is finalized is

    hiring the impeccable videographers. People love for all the important and not-so-

    important details of their wedding to be captured so that they relive the day years

    down the lane and remember and feel moments from their special day more vividly

    whenever they see the videos.

  • This makes the role of videographers very crucial as they have an important goal

    of capturing the real, candid and emotional moments that are able to evoke fond

    memories. But there seems to be a natural tension of videographers as they have to

    work under pressure to deliver. They are supposed to shoot the same events and

    rituals and moments and that from the best possible angles making life complicated

    for both of them. Not to mention all those people with their smart phones and

    camcorders coming in the way. But with a little coordination, both of them can call

    it a truce and can work with and share space with each other without hindrances.

    As a videographer, when you are being hired, it is important that you first size up

    the videographer through your client to know how they worked, the style and

    coverage and other details that will help you do your job at the wedding. There is

    always enough space at a wedding for either of you to get good angles without

    disturbing others view of the wedding. All you need is a shooting plan which you

    need to discuss with each other before the actual event and stick to what you


    Theres a difference between the job of photographers and videographers. Not that

    one is easier than the other but videography is point and shoot whereas

    videographer requires smooth movements and good frames the whole time of

    recording and cannot afford shakes. Based on how many videographers are

    covering the event, if its only two they can easily stand next to each other and get

    the perfect shot be it a Christian wedding, Indian wedding or a fusion wedding


    Videographers usually work with stationary cameras except when moving about

    and photographers on the other hand move about a lot in trying to capture shots

    from different angles or specific objects. The best thing a videographer can do at

    those times is to stay clear of the video cameras and provide space so he can record

    the ceremony unobstructed too. This satisfies the needs of your client too. They

    need good videos as a result they are always in search for the right videographers.

    As a professional your concern should be about the overall happiness and

    satisfaction for your client rather than just about delivering your work in a good

    manner. Remember, it is not a competition with them.

  • Again, the importance of meeting up and planning in advance cannot be stressed

    enough. You need to have detailed discussions on shooting locations during the

    ceremony, the procession, covering the guests, re-enactments, post-ceremony plans

    if any. You may not feel obligated to tell your videographer your plans but it really

    helps. Talk to each other about where you plan to shoot from. Communication is

    the key. Lighting is another area of conflict which could be solved by proper

    communication to work out a lighting that works for both of you.

    Regardless, as one of the best wedding videographer Berkshire we try to be a

    consummate professional and try our best to deliver what you expect.