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  • 1. Storm ThorgersonBy Chester Hercock

2. Who was Storm Thorgerson? Born 28th February 1944 Died 18th April 2013 at the age of 69 He was an English graphic designer and music video director Designed over 250 famous single and album covers Most famous for designing the cover for The Dark Side Of The Moon byPink Floyd 3. The brief The designer (Storm Thorgerson) would listen so a demo of the song beforeit has been released and gets a general idea from the band to see if they haveany input. This can create ideas which can form the brief. 4. Roughs Over a number of days, numerous meetings will take place between thedesigner and the band/singer to try and identify a key theme and idea for themusic video. This stage uses lots of creativity by the use of word-play,scribbling and general thoughts from everyone involved. 5. Tests After a rough idea is formed and a budget is agreed for the music video,prototypes are created to test out the idea and make sure that its going towork. Scale models are created out of polystyrene and clay for the prototype.If the idea works, then the project will go ahead. 6. Shoot It can take a long time to look for the perfect location, especially if it is to beshot outside as you also need to wait for the perfect weather. The props arethen set up by the crew and the set is prepared. Many photographs are thentaken to take light, weather conditions and filters into consideration. 7. Editing This is in post production where all of the best shots are chosen. This is avery long process are many similar shots need to be compared. Filters can beadded here and this is also the stage where the actual song is placed in themusic video. 8. Artwork After finally choosing all the shots to be used, any final editing and cleaningup is performed before eventually handing out to the public.