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  1. 1. SAMPLE PORTRAITS Charlie Kirkham, MA, ASGFA
  2. 2. Portrait of Cordelia Pencil study for oil painting. The study is 12 x 15 cm, pencil on paper, the oil painting is on canvas 51x 40.5 x1 cm. The painting was created over four sittings.
  3. 3. Portrait of a girl with a chain Coloured pencil on paper, 15 x 8 cm.
  4. 4. Dr Willem Smelik Portrait in human hair 10 x 10 cm, created from pencil portrait 32 x 42 cm.
  5. 5. Lesley Portrait in paint markers on paper, 32 x 42cm.
  6. 6. Portrait of DAnslow Using the textured board that came to hand and the graffiti paint pens that DAnslow often uses in his own work this portrait was a good way of working in texture and creating skin tones with non-flesh coloured paints. DAnslow portrait in paint marker on wood. 32x 56 cm. Charlie Kirkham 2013.
  7. 7. Martin Created on a coloured pastel paper based this drawing was completed over two short sittings. Pastel on paper, 32 x 42 cm.
  8. 8. Rebecca Using pencil on paper in the bright morning light, this is a one session portrait study. Pencil on paper, 32 x 42cm.
  9. 9. Thibaut Sleeping, paint marker on paper 42 x 30 cm. One sitting study.
  10. 10. Study for Tim Short session sketch (20 minutes). Paint marker and ink pen on paper, drawn from above. 12 x 12 cm.
  11. 11. To see more of Charlies work please visit the website: m