Chuck Close Inspired Self Portraits

Chuck Close Inspired Self Portraits. Edgy, Photo-Realistic Portraits

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Chuck Close Inspired Self


Edgy, Photo-Realistic Portraits

By working in an

extremely large scale, Close forces his viewers to focus on details they

might otherwise ignore in a


Close shows EVERYTHING he sees!

This includes

body hair, scars, and


Chuck Close makes his enormous portraits using the

grid-method of

enlargement. By using a grid, Close

ensures that his portraits

maintain their photo-

realist qualities!

This portrait, by Chuck Close, is

made entirely

of fingerpri


After a successful art career that spanned 25 years, Chuck Close became paralyzed and feared that he might never make art


Then, he had a new idea that helped him achieve

even greater success in his art career!

Tragedy Strikes…..

Spinal artery collapse resulted in

Close being confined to a

wheelchair and left him with limited

motion of his arms….but it didn’t

keep him from painting!

Your task:•You will create a self-portrait using the grid method•Create value using line, pattern, and simulated texture•Show that you understand the works of Chuck Close•Use a high level of craftsmanship to create a finished artwork!

Use LOTS of different

textures to create an

interesting artwork!

The finished piece will be completed in sharpie marker!

What is texture?

Actual Textures

Implied Textures

Today, Come up with at least 25

different textures using only pencil!