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ARCHITECTURE Kinds of Architectural Construc tion Types of Architecture Design Methods of Architecture

Humanities - Architecture

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  1. 1. Kinds of Architectural Construction Types of Architecture Design Methods of Architecture
  2. 2. Kinds of Architectural Design Post-and-Lintel Consists of a horizontal beam and two vertical posts. Cantilever Similar to post-and-lintel but the horizontal beam is with one end extended than the other. Arch 5 Types of Arches Consists of several wedge-shaped blocks of stone called voussiors.
  3. 3. Kinds of Architectural Design Vault Arched structure of masonry. Barrel Vault series of arches. Cross/Groined Vault intersection of two barrel vaults Cloister Vault like a dome but the base formed is square or polygonal
  4. 4. Kinds of Architectural Design Dome Large hemispherical roof. Looks like an inverted cup. Truss Used to support the roof. Braced framework of beams forming one or more triangle.
  5. 5. Types of Architecture Domestic Architecture Produced for the social unit. A place to sleep, food, eat and work. (e.g. Houses) Religious Architecture Affected by religion (e.g. Churches)
  6. 6. Types of Architecture Vernacular Architecture Built according to characteristic of a period or place. Mesopotamian Renaissance Greek Baroque Roman Chinese/Japanese/Korean Eastern Byzantine Romanesque Gothic
  7. 7. Types of Architecture Governmental Architecture Built for the government offices. (e.g. City Halls) Recreational Architecture Built for the purpose of sports, events and musical performances. (e.g. Philippine Arena)
  8. 8. Design Methods of Architecture Design Tools For Hand Drawings rulers, pencil with various lead types, compasses, protractors and angles Computer Programs Google SketchUp, AutoCAD
  9. 9. Design Methods of Architecture Architectural Drawing Gives the idea of the relationship between the rooms and what the project will look like. Standard Views in Architectural Drawing Floor Plan Site Plan - mostly used in Landscape Architecture Elevation the different views of the structure Cross Section
  10. 10. Design Methods of Architecture Construction The construction will depend on Architectural Drawing that shows also measurements to properly build the final product. end
  11. 11. Sample Pictures Modern House Example of Domestic Architecture
  12. 12. Sample Pictures Catholic Church Example of Religious Architecture
  13. 13. Sample Pictures Cantilever
  14. 14. Sample Pictures Arch
  15. 15. Sample Pictures Truss
  16. 16. Sample Pictures Dome
  17. 17. Sample Pictures Post-and-Lintel
  18. 18. Sample Pictures Vault
  19. 19. Sample Pictures Cross or Groined Vault
  20. 20. Sample Pictures Barrel Vault
  21. 21. Sample Pictures Cloister vault
  22. 22. Sample Pictures Philippine Arena (Front)
  23. 23. Sample Pictures Philippine Arena (Aerial View)
  24. 24. Sample Pictures 5 Types of Arches Semi CircularPointed Segmental Bucket Corbelled
  25. 25. Sample Pictures San Francisco City Hall
  26. 26. Sample Pictures Floor Plan First Floor Second Floor
  27. 27. Sample Pictures Site Plan
  28. 28. Sample Pictures Elevation North South East West North Elevation East Elevation
  29. 29. Sample Pictures Elevation West Elevation South Elevation
  30. 30. Sample Pictures Cross Section