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  • 1. The Wonderful World of DigitalStorytelling Kasi Ross

2. Digital storytelling isusing technology to share unique stories with photos, text, audio, video clips, or stop motion. 3. What equipment is neededto produce digital stories?Cell phones, cameras, video cameras,MP3s, webcams, and other recording devices. 4. Who can tell storiesdigitally?EVERYONE!EVERYONE!EVERYONE!EVERYONE! 5. Digital storytelling can beused to:Share personal storiesExplore interestingtopicsEntertainEducateRetell historic eventsHave fun 6. Sites that will help you getstarted: 7. There are many great tools to use to create digital stories in yourclassroom!Story Jumper: Book Maker: and Legends: 8. Digital storytelling can be used in theclassroom to explore new subjects, promote technology, and encourage creativity. Teachers can make the stories or help students explore new interests and create their very own digital story. 9. Sites to sample: 10. Be creative! Make it yours! 11. Works cited:http://digitalstorytelling4everyone.wikispaces.com