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  • 1. COLORCTRA 13

2. VIOLET versus PURPLE 3. What is COLOR ?Color is one of the most obviouselements of art.It can stand alone, as a background,or be applied to other elements,like shapes & line. 4. What is COLOR ?Color creates a mood within thepiece and tells a story about abrand.Every color says something differentand combinations can alter thatimpression more. 5. Sir Isaac Newton first illustrated these color combinationsin circular form in 1666. The color wheel is used to display visually the relationshipsbetween primary colors, secondary colors andcomplimentary colors (colors directly across the wheel fromone another). Artists and designers use the color wheel as a reference tocreate functional color schemes or sets of colors. 6. Small groups of psychologists tout the emotionaleffects that colors can have on people. Ancient culturesin China and Egypt believed in healing by colors, apractice they referred to as chromo therapy. Newton's development of the color wheel is generallythought to have formed the basis for the creation ofcolor theory. Basic color theory studies how colors mixand the effects of various color combinations. 7. Activity 6:ColorWheel 8. SHAPECTRA 13 9. What is SHAPE ?Shapes, geometric or organic addinterest.Shapes are defined by boundaries,such as lines or color.Everything is ultimately a shape. 10. Using ShapesUsing shapes properly is one of the keys tosuccessful art & design.It can determine its mood and message.Soft, curved and rounded shapes areperceived differently than sharp, angledshapes.Experimentation and altering of shapes withina design can ultimately lead to desired result. 11. ACTIVITY 7 : Cut-Paper CompositionRule 1Every cut should completely separate one ormore pieces.Rule 2Nothing should be added or taken away. 12. ACTIVITY 7 : Cut-Paper CompositionOption 1Move them apart.Option 2Turn them over but not to move them apart. 13. SAMPLE 14. SAMPLE 15. SAMPLE 16. Activity 8 : SHAPES & COLORS fromEVERYDAY LIFE 17. Rule 1Once a shape intersect with other shape/s donot color it.Rule 2No colors should repeat itself.Rule 3One color one object rule.