Cinematic Wedding Videos – Creating A Perfect Story Of A Traditional Asian Wedding

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  • Cinematic Wedding Videos Creating A Perfect

    Story Of A Traditional Asian Wedding

    When it comes to capturing the events of their wedding day in the form of a

    video, modern day couples are literally spoilt for choice. From the traditional

    option of look into the camera and say cheese videos to documentary and

    cinematic style videos, couples can now define the style in which they want

    their wedding videos to be shot. The one style that is emerging as a favorite

    choice amongst most young couples is definitely the Cinematic wedding


  • What Is Cinematic Videography?

    Cinematic videography, as the name suggests is the style of capturing wedding

    videos in the form of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie style. This style of

    videography makes even the most straightforward wedding video look

    interesting and it especially works magic in case of fusion weddings. However,

    in order to create a truly outstanding cinematic wedding video, it is important

    for the couple to choose an expert professional in the field. In this respect,

    Gerry Lewis Productions is a well known and trusted name for creating

    exclusive cinematic videos for traditional Asian and fusion weddings.

    Why Opt For Cinematic Videography?

    So, apart from the fact that a cinematic video creates gives the wedding video

    a movie like feel and effect, what can drive a couple to choose it over any

    other video style. Well, the most obvious reason is that with this style the

    freshness and appeal of the video does not diminish with time. Although most

    couples, watch their wedding videos more than a couple of times, with a

    cinematic video they feel the same thrill and joy like watching a popular old


    In addition, cinematic videos are mostly short and crisp and highlight the best

    aspects of the entire wedding event, which helps the couples to refresh only

    the good memories associated with the most significant day of their lives.

    Moreover, when watching the video with friends and relatives, the couple gets

    to actually show off the most candid moments rather than the ones where

    they are just putting up false smiles for the camera. This actually helps in

    enhancing the value of the video.

    Aspects That Play A key Role

    Creating a cinematic style wedding video is quite similar to clicking traditional

    videos. At the same time there are some key aspects that need differentiate

    the two and make the cinematic ones truly remarkable. The most important of

    these aspects are discussed in brief as follows.

  • The choice of the gear is one of the most important aspects to consider

    while shooting the video. Given the rapid advances in technology,

    videographers can get the best cameras that work equally well in

    different types of light setting Although this might lead to slight increase

    in the Asian wedding videographer prices, it will also ensure a high

    quality product that is a treat to watch.

    It is also important for the videographers to focus on the shots that are

    absolutely essential. So most professional videographers seek detailed

    information about the various rituals of an Aisan wedding and their

    significance. This helps them identify the must have shots to be included

    in the video and prepare for them beforehand.

    Using the right kind of audio to back up the footage is yet another

    important aspect for creating a cinematic video. Dulling out the

    background noise does not always work, which is why the most

    videographers today use high quality audio recorders that can capture

    the sound without any glitches.

    Finally, it is important to retain the realistic feel of the wedding video.

    To ensure the same, it is important for the videographers to include a

    greater number of candid shots and scenes and also use only the most

    relevant audio and music to match the footage.