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  • AquaShotsU N D E R W A T E R P H O T O G R A P H Y

  • Why Underwater Photos?Capture a unique perspective

    Otherwise unachievable view

    Action shots in and under the water

  • Meeting the Needs4 out of 5 parents would like photos of their children during water activities

    The law forbidding cameras in aquatic areas prevents them

  • The SolutionRoped off lane providing a separated area to individually photograph each child or group

    Private booking session for water babies or family sessions

    Group booking for swimming clubs, life rescue, staff training and pool parties

  • Is Swimming Safe for Babies?Yes it is. The epiglottis closes when a baby goes under water, the same reflex as when we eat. This means no water can get through.

    Babies naturally love the experience of being in water.

  • Mother & Child SessionsA great bonding experienceNatural parenting momentsOnce in a lifetime opportunity

  • Beginner Swimming Class PhotosImproves confidenceEncourages continuation of lessonsProvides an additional goal to work toward

  • Group SessionsSports Activities

    Siblings & Friends

    Family Portraits

    Pool Parties

  • Life Rescue & Staff TrainingTYPICAL USES:

    Monitor TechniquesRecord ProgressTeachers AidUse for ManualsChallenge SettingsInspirationPersonal achievement

  • Customer RequirementsSomething differentA tangible service

    Clear imagesView on private online galleryAffordable Available on CD

    Customer SatisfactionQualityValueService

  • Our Strengths

  • Key BenefitsLancashire based underwater photography service offering a range of services including:

    moving children in beginner swimming lessongroup club sessions family portraits & pool parties

    Provides actions shots in aquatic venues.

    Images available on private gallery, on print and in digital format on laser etched disc.

  • Next StepsArrange photography session during swimming lessons

    Provide parents with consent form to permit their child in photography session

    NB. Only children with consent will be photographed in roped off lane

    Agree on payment terms between AquaShots and your leisure centre

  • Contact detailsAquaShots Underwater PhotographyT: 01254 240858M: 07926 616313E: