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INON UK underwater photography programs and courses

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  • 1Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

    LEARN TO TAKE BETTER UNDERWATER PICTURES with Lisa Collins and Steve Warren

    Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

  • 2Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

    Looking to start out in underwater

    photography or to take better

    underwater pictures than you have

    before? Both who you choose to teach

    you and the course you select are really

    important decisions. INON UKs Lisa Collins and Steve Warren deliver an unmatched

    choice of underwater photography

    continuing education programs for

    beginner and intermediate underwater

    photographers. INON UK All Rights ReservedRegistered address: Lygon House, 50 London Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 3RA, UK. Company Registration Number 7835100Design by Seasquirt Productions

    email: info@inonuk.comtel: +44 (0)1795 227781

    Cover image by David Bulmer


    LEARN TO TAKE BETTER UNDERWATER PICTURES with Lisa Collins and Steve Warren

    Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

  • 3Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

    Each of our programs is designed to help you improve your

    own underwater photography through increasing your

    knowledge and skills. Our courses are emphatically not

    dumbed down. They are comprehensive, but easy to understand.

    As an underwater photographer youll often have to adapt your

    techniques on the fly to cope with unanticipated conditions or

    take advantage of a rare and unexpected photo opportunity. So

    its essential to understand the whys behind the hows. Steve and

    Lisa offer a range of experiences from one-day seminars in the UK

    to help you understand your camera and strobe to full on two-week underwater photography safaris to the Caribbean. At all

    times our goal is to help you enjoy more rewarding underwater photography.

    Lisa and Steve each have established reputations for helping others improve their own underwater photography. The

    proof is in their students pictures. Lisa has been taking underwater pictures for 20 years and has travelled worldwide

    in search of outstanding photo opportunities, shooting subjects from the tiniest critters to the largest whale sharks.

    She is one of the most prolific feature writers for leading UK magazine Diver, among other titles. Lisa teaches INON UKs

    overseas underwater photography workshops, which enable you to learn and practice underwater photography techniques

    at select destinations around the globe. Lisa also escorts INON UKs less formal underwater photography safaris. Safaris

    are focused on taking pictures, rather than learning how to take them like workshops. Dedicated underwater photography

    safaris are much more productive for getting great underwater pictures than regular dive trips because the diving is

    geared around our needs as underwater photographers, which are very different to those of ordinary divers.

    Steve has been taking underwater photographs since 1994. For nearly two decades he ran Ocean Optics, one of the most

    respected underwater camera retailers in the world. Steves achievements in the diving media include writing for most

    UK diving magazines, project managing dive books and, more recently, filming for British TV. Steve is credited with being

    the first person to mount filming expeditions to the Straits of Gibraltar to reveal the tuna run, which sees a concentration

    of dolphins, pilot whales and orcas assemble during the annual migration of bluefin tuna. A TV show about the expeditions

    is currently in preproduction. Steve is the co designer of the INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course. He

    co founded the Visions in the Sea underwater photography festivals and is a contributing author to Martin Edges The

    Underwater Photographer. Lisa and Steve are INON UK Instructor Trainers and have personally taught Level One digital

    underwater photography to over 150 INON UK Level One students and Level One instructors.

    Lisa and Steve also organise special events at which you can learn more about taking better underwater photographs from

    them and members of the INON UK Experts Panel, benefit from one to one picture clinics and mix with other underwater stills

    and video enthusiasts.

    Underwater Photography Programs

  • 4Underwater Photography ProgramsUK


    Lisa and Steve are teaching a range of underwater photography

    courses this winter, not all of which even require you to get

    wet! These include entry level to intermediate underwater

    digital photography courses to get you started, kit seminars to help

    you master your underwater camera, Learn with Lisa Days to coach

    you through advanced composition, photo editing and how to plan

    productive photo trips and even programs to help you get your own

    dive stories published. So use that winter downtime to prepare for

    future success. These courses make ideal gifts for the underwater

    photographer in your life!

  • 5Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

    The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course assumes no prior knowledge of land or underwater photography. Mark and Steve originally designed it as a beginners course for divers. However, many experienced underwater photographers who had already taken other courses and a significant number of underwater photography instructors who had qualified through other training agencies have chosen to take the Level One program. This in itself tells you something interesting about our course compared to others why would anyone who had already taken one beginners underwater photography course believe they would benefit from taking our beginners course as well? It was based on these individuals feedback that we now describe the INON UK Level One digital course as covering beginner to intermediate underwater photography. This is a much more comprehensive starter course than you might expect. However, from experience, we believe the content of our course is really the minimum required to enable you to take pleasing pictures in good visibility, consistently. We want to take the luck out of your underwater photography and replace it with knowledge and technique. After all, luck cuts both ways.

    There are six classroom presentations during the INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course. These provide essential information that will help you understand the unique problems underwater photographers face and what the solutions are. The INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course ensures you know the whys that underpin the hows. We build your knowledge in small logical steps. Were not out to overwhelm you with information, just to ensure you leave our course with must have knowledge. Each of the first five modules finishes with a brief multi choice evaluation. This helps us ensure we are getting our points across

    and alerts us so we can quickly clarify any confusion.

    Ive been a photographer

    since I was 11 and a professional

    photographer both on land and under water since 1994. I have seen quite a few underwater photography courses for compact camera users, and while I would hate this review to end up sounding like an ad, I believe this is the most professional, intelligent and well thought-out I have come across

    so far.

    Gavin Parsons, Diver Magazine


    Developed in 2009 by Mark Koekemoer of The Underwater Camera Company and INON UKs Steve Warren, we believe this is the first underwater photography course to be endorsed by a leading underwater photography equipment manufacturer. The course has been acclaimed by students and highly rated by scuba instructors who have taken the Level One instructor course with INON UK. The success of our INON UK Level One Underwater Photography Course is founded on three cornerstones. It begins with the belief that underwater photography is not a diving specialty, but a photographic one. Diving is simply the means by which you get to your location and subject. This course is all about understanding photography principals and


    applying them to working under-water. Second, the course includes essential theory, practical skills and practice time. By essential we mean our course includes the minimum content we have found divers need to take good underwater pictures. We dont think you can scrape by on less. Thirdly, youll be personally taught by Lisa or Steve, who have exemplary reputations as underwater photographers and underwater photography coaches.

  • 6Underwater Photography ProgramsUK

    Classroom Topics Part 1: LIGHT. How we see and how cameras record an image is all based on light. Light has many qualities and is altered radically when it passes from air into water. These differences between how light behaves in air and underwater are something you need to understand. Intensity, colour and contrast are all reduced underwater, while particulate in the water blocks, diffuses and scatters light. Not appreciating these differences is one of the main reasons why so many divers find underwater photography disappointing and frustrating.

    Part 2: CAMERA BASICS. Todays cameras can seem bewilderingly complicated. Many divers set their cameras to program, auto or underwater mode, yet often the results are very poor. Many photographs appear blurred with drab colours. Even when the pictures are acceptable, automatic settings make it difficult for the photographer to know why the camera did what it did