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<ol><li> 1. WELCOME TO SHELLDREAMS OVERSEAS </li><li> 2. ABOUT US : Shelldreams Overseas is currently responsible for providing the best advice. This crucial program conducts specially for the STUDENT,PR, VISITOR/TOURIST. Shelldreams Overseas stays updated with the visa procedures and policies, which are complex and change frequently. Our program conducts full fledge team work of multidiscipline, professional consultants who are meticulous and success oriented. </li><li> 3. Modern Learning Environment : Employers want employees who can think effectively, creatively and independently.. UK institutions use a variety of teaching and assessment methods to encourage independence, as well as mastery of the subject. Students are expected to use the information they are given to stimulate their original thinking. . Quality of Education : The education system provides facilities such as international students societies, planned social activities, academic support, and academic counsellors. UK has one of the lowest 'drop out rates.. Its quality is unrivaled throughout the world. Encourages relevant skills that are marketable and sought by today's top companies Study in UK </li><li> 4. COST OF STUDIES Bachelor- 8000GBP Master-10000GBP-12000GBP Living Cost- 9000GBP(INNER BOROUGH) 7200(OUTER BOROUGH) (According to UKBA) </li><li> 5. Diploma Bachelor Post Graduate Diploma Masters Course guide </li><li> 6. Fees payment Full payment in advance by TT or D/D. CAS(Certificate Acceptance for studies) will be provided by the university when they accept our application , it is the required offer letter for further visa application. </li><li> 7. PROCESS APPLICATION Admission after 10 to 80 days Diploma Average fees: 8000GBP- 10000GBP Bachelor Average fees: 8000GBP- 10000GBP Masters Average fees: 10000GBP to 12000GBP Starts Visa Process Finance Prepare all financial Documentation Full Payment in advance (CAS) File Submission @ VFS Within 30Days Medical After 45 to 60Days Final Visa Stamping </li><li> 8. File submission @Ahmedabad VFS (Visa Facilitation Service) Within 30 days medical after you get CAS After 45-60 days final Visa Stamping </li><li> 9. Part Time Job -20 Hrs. /week </li><li> 10. Promoting Top Ranking Schools of UK </li><li> 11. Low Transportation Expense </li><li> 12. Accommodation Help by 40% to 50% By UK Government (CAD) </li><li> 13. Thank You SHELLDREAMS OVERSEAS 91 97234 07775 shelldreams14@gmail.com www.shelldreamsoverseas.com Connect with us </li></ol>


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