Uncle Sam's New York Tours : Wall Street Walking Tours and Ground Zero Tours

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We did two walking tours with Uncle Sam's, the 9/11 WTC tour, and the Edgar Allen Poe tour in Greenwich Village. The WTC tour was very informative and very moving, excellent tour and tour guide, I wrote notes and took pics for my sister (teacher) and her class which they really liked. The Greenwich tour was interesting, the guide was also very good. We rented an apartment with Uncle Sam's (good way to stay in NYC short term) so our tours were complimentary with the apartment.


  • 1.Uncle Sam's New York Tours : Wall Street Walking Tours and Ground Zero Tours In case you're thinking that you could see the same sights by walking around on your own (because prior to the tour I was thinking that same thing) - not so, by any means. We were able to see and hear about things that we would never have found on our own. All in all, the reason I went to NYC was to see exactly what I saw - to get a glimpse of the people and places affected, and those that tried to help. The tour itself was remarkable and we three are SO glad we took the tour. Our tour guide (Kevin) did an excellent job with our two-hour walking tour of Ground Zero today. He was very informative and he also told us some interest stories about the many heroes from 9/11. I was with my 18-year-old son and 25-year-old nephew and they both enjoyed the tour too!

2. Heroes of the World Trade Center Tour This is the tour for those inextricably drawn to the World Trade Center sitewho seek to comprehend firsthand the horrific events of 9/11 and pay their respects to those who perished. Knowledgeable and sensitive, your expert guide relates spellbinding stories of heroic deeds and ultimate sacrifice as you survey Ground Zero. Heroes of The World Trade Center Tour Highlights 2-hour journey into the tragedy and aftermath of 9/11 FREE admission for one hour to the 9/11 Memorial site Riveting recounting of events where the Twin Towers fell Poignant stories of heroic bravery and sacrifice Tiny St. Paul's Chapel, which miraculously survived the attack The American Express Eleven Tears Memorial Reflecting Absence Memorial and Steel Beam Cross Firefighters 9/11 Memorial and Engine and Ladder Co. 10/10 Essex World Deli, which became an emergency medical station Beautiful Winter Garden plaza at the World Financial Center The WTC Tribute Museum, and much more.. 3. Alexander Hamilton Financial District Tour Here is a tour that takes the bull by the horns with an ambitious walk amid the staggering culture of money and the historical treasures of the world's financial epicenter. Witness where Alexander Hamilton sowed the seeds of prosperity as the country's first Treasury Secretary. Alexander Hamilton Financial District Tour Highlights Grave of Alexander Hamilton, the first US Treasury Secretary Battery Park and its military and historical relics The soaring towers of Wall St. and the Canyon of Heroes Fraunces Tavern, where Washington bade his troops farewell The New York Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve Bank Federal Hall, where Washington was sworn in as President Views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Hanover Square and Delmonico's Restaurant Renowned Trinity Church and its storied past And much more! Visit : http://unclesamsnewyork.com/ Address : 100 Maiden lane, suite 1409, New York City, NY 10038, USA Call us : 212-888-8769