Uncle Sam's New York Guided Tours

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  • We did two walking tours with Uncle Sam's, the 9/11 WTC tour, and the Edgar Allen Poe tour in Greenwich Village. The WTC tour was very

    informative and very moving, excellent tour and new york tour guide. I wrote notes and took pics for my sister (teacher) and her class which they really liked.

  • The Greenwich tour was interesting, the guide was also very good. We rented an apartment with Uncle Sam's (good way to stay in NYC short term) so our tours were complimentary with the apartment.

    In case you're thinking that you could see the same sights by walking around on your own (because prior to the tour I was thinking that same thing) - not so, by any means. We were able to see and hear about things that we would never have found on our own. All in all, the reason I went to NYC was to see exactly what I saw - to get a glimpse of the people and places affected, and those that tried to help. The tour itself was remarkable and we three are SO glad we took the tour. Visited November 2011. Visit Us:- http://unclesamsnewyork.com/ Address:- 100 Maiden lane, Suite 1409 New York City NY 10038 Phone:- 212-888-8769