Things to Do around Las Vegas…off the Strip

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DESCRIPTION | This explains the diffrent areas you must see when visiting Las Vegas . There is more to vegas then just the strip.


<ul><li> 1. Things to Do around Las Vegasoff the Strip Las Vegas: as known as the City of Sin. Yet many who do not want to participate in the nighttime activities available choose to leave the strip and visit other parts of the area. From experiencing the beauty of the Grand Canyon to hiking in Red Rock and shopping in Tivoli Village, Las Vegas tours can explore much more than the inside of a casino. Here is an outline of things to do around Las Vegas off the strip. Grand Canyon Tours Located in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is situated quite close to many of the most stunning visuals that the western part of the United States has to offer. The most frequented option is the Grand Canyon. The third largest canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon was formed by erosion over five million years ago and hosts over 250 types of birds, 88 species of mammals, and 25 kinds of reptiles (including pink rattlesnakes!). Heating up to hundred degree temperatures during the summer, it can be best to experience the Grand Canyon from the inside of an air-conditioned tour bus. In fact, tours of the Grand Canyon come in a variety of options: helicopter, plane, bus and raft. Plus, most Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas will pick clients up from their hotel and drop them back off afterwards. Living the Red Rocks Las Vegas is the nearest city to another beautiful natural region: the Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area. Only 15 miles away, Las Vegas is the jumping off point for anyone wanting to hike or camp in the Red Rocks wilderness. The name of the area, of course, comes from the red tint existing in many of the rocks. Dating back millions of years, the origin of the color comes from oxidation of various iron materials in the sediments of the rocks. Red Rocks is home to over 600 species of plants along with a number of protected species including the desert tortoise, bighorn sheep, and burros. There are many ways to experience the Red Rocks, including tours leaving Las Vegas that undertake the 13-mile scenic driving loop. Another popular activity is rock-climbing, with steep cliffs challenging daredevils in popular areas such as Calico Hills and Sandstone Quarry. Finally, many visitors love hiking through the desert. Several trails leave from various points including White Rock, Willow Springs and Turtlehead Peak. Experiencing Tivoli Village A good final option for visitors to Las Vegas seeking to get off the strip is a stop at Tivoli Village. Tivoli is an upscale shopping center where clients can find anything to fit their shopping needs. It stages a bazaar through most of the alleyways, with food vendors and artisans, petting zoos and cover bands, selling their wares. On Saturdays, Tivoli is home to a farmers market, with pie eating contests and chili cook-offs as well. It is a decent getaway for those looking to escape the noise and distractions of the Strip. About Papillon Papillon is one of the industry leaders in leading tours of the Grand Canyon. They offer stunning views and the ability to learn all about the history, science and geography of the region. You can choose the type of tour right for you, whether it is by plane, helicopter, bus or raft. </li> <li> 2. For more information visit us at: </li> </ul>


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