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This is the new media pack for The Travel & Leisure Magazine which is distributed around London and the M25.


<ul><li>1.Media pack The Travel &amp; Leisure Magazine is the ONLYEach edition is packed full of ideas on travel or holiday focused magazine that offers destinations to visit and explore, travel advertisers the unique opportunity toexperiences to be enjoyed, and leisurely days specically target and reach afuent and evenings to be planned plus give-aways consumers living in and around London. and competitions.Variety is a key strength, We reach more readers than any other with ideas to suit all budgets and tastes.This competitive title aimed at this vitalvariety ensures that each edition is bound to demographic readership prole. offer something of interest for everyone. </li></ul><p>2. The Travel &amp; Leisure Magazine Media pack 2009MAY/JUNE 2009 2 where sold The Magazine Minimum 76 pages. i iTimeless wonder Full colour glossy &amp; perfect bound. REYKJAVIK Cool and affordable CALYPSO Minimum 60/40 edit ads ratio.5,000 promotional copiesCRUISING ROCK STAR The Isle of WightCaribbean island hopping Bi-Monthly frequency. at clubs and hotels TRAVELLING TEE TIME IN IN STYLESCOTLAND Magical railway Perfect days in journeys the home of golf 3,000WIN NEWFOUNDLANDdistribution &amp; circulation Natures playgroundsubscribers 2 #A weeks holiday for two worth 4,000 to currently 3,000 + paid subscriptions.Canadas Newfoundland #1,500 of Pride of Britain hotel vouchers PLUS: Steam Heritage Guide 2009 copies, Royal Albert Hall tours and more45,000 promotional Minimum 50,000 free promotional copies copies delivered of each edition split between:to homes 45,000 FRee promotional copies hand delivered to afuent ABC 1 MARCH/APRIL 2009 2 where sold households throughout Greater London and M25 commuter towns. FUNTASTIC FLORIDA Each edition is targeted at fresh locations, therefore ensuring A real family affair widespread annual coverage. AVON CALLING Shakespeare CountryKENYA Away from it all safarisCUT TO THE CHASE Tornado hunters 5,000 FRee promotional copies available at airports, health &amp; tness CRUISING clubs and high-grade central London Hotels.WIN Head for the MedLONDON MARRAKECH Theatres in focus A city with souks appeal #A weeks holiday for two in a luxury Marrakech riad#A seven-night Continental camping tripPLUS: Time Out guides, Billy Connolly DVDs,Rough Guides, riding lessons and morecurrent readership of each edition in excess of 150,000 aBc 1 edition As well as appearing within the physical magazine, your advertisement will also run in our on-line interactive digital edition, where readers can read through the magazine, and click directly through to your website to nd out more about your service or products. The digital editions of the magazine are now offered to all readers with a 50% discount from the usual subscription charge.A minimum additional 20,000 sample digital editions are e-mailed to our database made up primarily of previous competition entries, updating them with a recent edition and inviting them to subscribe for future editions. 3. The Travel &amp; Leisure Magazine Media pack 2009 editorial Focusvenerable Mena House Oberoi hotel, rightnext to the pyramids at Giza. I spent lunchgazing in awe through the windows at themighty edifices.Not only was it the climax of that trip, it was also the final highlight. That night, in February 1986, security police conscripts stormed out of their barracks in Giza, burn- getting to KNOW fered several harrowing terrorist attacks, as have many countries including the UK, of course. Yet each time it has bounced back stronger than before.ting people off, the visible security measuresare a reassuring factor. On my most recentvisit, in December, I took a Nile cruise withmy wife. At night as our luxury ship cruised EGYPT &amp; contentWith another meeting due later that after- ing nearby hotels and businesses and clash- Huge investment in its tourist infrastruc- downriver, two security guards manned anoon, I grabbed 15 minutes at the Greating with the army. Instead of flying to Luxor ture, with the development of classy, newmachine gun on the stern. As I photographedPyramid of Cheops, one of the Seventhe next morning I took refuge at an airportresorts and extensive leisure facilities, hasdawn over the Nile from the back of the ship,Wonders of the ancient world most of ithotel when the airport was locked down andbeen matched by slick advertising campaignsthey nodded in acknowledgement of myspent haggling with a camel driver whose a city-wide curfew was imposed, and I and, just as important, a strong security pres-smiled greeting and happily let me photographlumbering steed I clambered aboard just long caught a special repatriation flight back toence in tourist areas. them and the gunenough to have my picture taken in front ofthe UK the following day. All have helped make Egypt more popu-against the ris-the pyramids and Sphinx before jumpingI felt immensely sad, not just for mylar than ever. With prices in eurozone coun- ing sun. Youback in the taxi.unfortunate timing but also for what I feared tries rocketing because of the weak pound, itcant evenNext stop was Sakkara, the necropolis forwas the end of Egypts tourism industry. Ioffers British tourists even better value forphotographEgypts ancient capital, Memphis, where his- neednt have worried. The insurrection wasmoney compared totoric structures include the Step Pyramid. quickly quelled, the capital soon recov-other holiday destina-The oldest of all pyramids, it lies some 30kmered and the tourists returned. In thetions this year.Egypt is flavour of the moment this year, and with good south of Cairo past timeless rural scenes, and intervening years, Egypt has suf-Far from put-its lack of tourist hordes and nearby built-upreason. Offering far more than just dusty old tombs and areas made it feel even more special than its desert, it combines magical history tours with gloriousGiza counterparts. But there was no time todwell. I was on a mission.beaches, high-class resorts and much more besides.A guide took me on the briefest of tours, Peter Ellegard fell under its spell long agoenlightening me by pointing out that the fish-shaped hieroglyph carvings were, in fact, fish Please see below our extensive list of features andM y first visit to Egypt mind as I was heading on to Luxor the nextwhile the wavy lines above them represented 23 years ago was anday for some R and R, followed by diving in the Nile. Id never have guessed. adventure I will never the Red Sea at Hurghada prior to my flightAfter a fast journey back to Cairo for my forget. I was in Cairo home. final meeting, I was dropped at the Egyptian on a short business At least, that was the plan. Museum just 15 minutes before closing time. trip, but managed toRenting a taxi for the day in Cairo (asGlancing at the statues on the museumssqueeze some whistle-stop sightseeing incheap as a single journey I had taken in aground floor, I sprinted up the stairs to reachbetween meetings on my final day that would London cab), I set off for my pre-my ultimate goal the exquisite, goldenhave even exhausted a Japanese tour leader. arranged appointments. My mask and other funerary exhibits from articles that appear in each and every edition. Our Time was ridiculously tight, but I didntlunchtime meeting was at thethe tomb of Tutankhamun. features are carefully branded and offer a similar,I Pyramids at Giza, CairoMain photo and below left: Egyptian State Tourist Office familiar feel to each edition. Peter Ellegard Peter EllegardPeter EllegardI The souk at Aswan I Al-Azhar Mosque minarets, Old Cairo I The Karnak Temple sound and light show I Karnak Temple, Luxor 6 The Travel &amp; Leisure MagazineMay/June 2009May/June 2009The Travel &amp; Leisure Magazine 7 GeTTiNG TO kNOW: Our detailed low-down on popular overseas holiday destinations. getting to KNOWFLORIDAIts a family stylish Palm Beach and Naples to chicI Splashing time at TRaVeL UpdaTe: Travel news from home and abroad. Miami Beach; shopping; sports galore on Marineland, St Augustine land and at sea; rich Native American her- itage; and skyborne natives from bald eagles to space shuttles. I have visited countless times over the affair years. It is a place I never tire of returning to, and feels like home each time I go back. Yet despite having travelled around the entireWith everything from Mickeystate, there are still many places I have either Mouse to manatees and yet to visit or have not been back to for asqueaky-soft sand to swamps, long time which I know have changed out of all recognition.the Sunshine State is a family Florida is very much a family affair forfavourite. Peter Ellegardme. My oldest daughter, Louise, was a mere toddler when we first visited. She fell in lovefinds Floridas charms with it on that and subsequent visits, includ- iN YOUR FLiGHT BaG: Latest things you can take forVisit Floridairrestibleing during a road trip around the USA after an exchange programme semester at Arizona State University, and she spent her postI Disney street partyI cant deny it. Im smitten by a sul-graduation year working for Disney inalthough actually named after a 19th try temptress; a blonde-fringed its Cultural Representative Programmecentury general, while the Gulf Coast beauty who first seduced me some as a serving wench at the Rose and offers Honeymoon Island State Park, the journey. 25 years ago and who keeps draw-Crown pub/restaurant in Epcots British near Clearwater, and Lovers Key State ing me back to her steamy Pavilion. Park, near Fort Myers. embrace. Yet this affair is one thatI met up with Louise then while on aYou can even get married and spendhas the wholehearted approval of my wife business trip to Orlando and we had ayour honeymoon night below the water,Disney/Diana Zaluckyand family. Indeed they are every bit as fun dad-daughter bonding session overat Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo.much besotted with this exotic maiden. Her several days, visiting all the main themeA former underwater research labora-name? Florida. parks and going on rides including tory, it is now a two-bedroom hotel five Of course, we are far from alone. EachExpedition Everest in Disneys Animal fathoms (30 feet) deep in a mangroveyear, around 1.5 million of us Brits jet off toKingdom. We both acted like big kids andlagoon which you have to dive under-Americas southernmost state, and even withcouldnt stop laughing. neath to gain entry. Couples can getthe credit crunch and the pound buying Louises younger sibling, Jennifer, married in it, and even have flowersfewer dollars this year our collective love forbecame a water baby when we took herand a wedding cake. The increasedthe Sunshine State seems undiminished. on her first overseas holiday, to Florida, pressure is reputed to enhance sex. I Florida has always had strong appeal forbefore her second birthday. We couldntwouldnt know.families. Hardly surprising, given the factkeep her off the beaches, and when weWhen I stayed in it, I got stood upthat Orlando is the worlds biggest play-put her in a swimming pool onby an Italian journalist male, I might iN YOUR SUiTcaSe: New products to pack forground. It has been home to Mickey Mouse Longboat Key, near Sarasota, she took add who no-showed, leaving me toand friends at Walt Disney World since off, face down, like a miniature torpedospend the night underwater alone save1971, after which it was followed by only gasping for breath when I ranfor the fish staring at me through theUniversal Studios, SeaWorld and a host ofround to the other end to pluck her outhuge portholes. After a shower I felt soPeter Ellegardother visitor attractions. They continue toof the water.I Universal's self-conscious I grabbed a towel to pro- Islands ofreinvent themselves with new rides, showsFlorida is not just a family destina-Adventure tect my decency, and I couldnt sleep a your holiday.and other offerings. tion, though. It is a haven for sports wink that night for the thought of all lovers. Golfers have 1,250 courses to chooseBeaches and chic citiesBesides theme parks, Florida also serves up from around the state. Theres diving all along its eastern coastline, from coral reefs to artifi-Top tipsmany other reasons to visit: stunning golden cial reefs sunken ships and deep sea fish- G Go round theme parks anti-clockwise to avoid crowds.and white-sand beaches, among the best ining off both coasts. G Start early when visiting theme parks. If staying nearby, go back for a siesta or swimthe US; nature experiences such as swim-in the heat of the day, then return later when the crowds have thinned.ming with manatees and dolphins; exoticTrue romantics G Stay on-site at a Disney World resort hotel to enjoy Extra Magic Hours (three extrawildlife havens like the Everglades; natural Its a place for true romantics, with idyllichours admission a day) and unlimited above and below the water in thesunsets over deserted beaches framed byG Dont pack smart clothing as it is hot and Floridians are informal. Visit FloridaFlorida Keys; accommodation from afford- palm trees, luxury spa resorts and restaurants G Hire a car and explore. From Orlando you can drive to beaches on both coasts inable to pure indulgence; vibrant cities from overlooking azure blue waters. Amelia Island less than 90 minutes. has the romantic-sounding Fort Clinch, 6 The Travel &amp; Leisure MagazineMarch/April 2009 March/April 2009The Travel &amp; Leisure Magazine 7eScape TO: Short break getaways near and far.aLL aBOaRd: Ideas to help you pick the perfect cruising holiday.??? ?lets TRY RAIL EXPERIENCESsometimes described as land cruises, as they share many characteristics including a leisurely pace to enjoy the views, sumptuous OFF THe BeaTeN TRack: Uncovering destinations food and shore excursions. On some trainsAll photos: Great Rail Journeys you sleep onboard in cabins which convert to seated accommodation by day; others oper- ate day trips only, or with accommodation in hotels. An example of the latter is Canadas Rocky Mountaineer (www.rockymounwith a difference on the road less travelled.n From left to right: the Ghan, Palace on Wheels, and Coast Starlight passing Mount Shasta, its main route being between Banff and Vancouver with one night spent in Kamloops. Gold Leaf class passengers enjoyGoinglocon The Golden Pass Line train the best views in glass Dome Carriages, as the train crosses the Rockies and descends LeTS TRY: Give it a go with experience-based holidays. to the Pacific or vice versa. Australias most iconic trains criss-cross this vast country the Indian Pacific from west to east (Perth to Sydney); and the GhanWhether you want to relive the golden age of trains or from north to south (Darwin to Adelaide, via Alice Springs) (both experience stunning scenery in effortless comfort, rail holidays are the perfect antidote to todays stressful world. And as Dave You dont have toRichardson reports, there are plenty of tempting loco motives be a champagne-M y most guilty traintrain travel in the 1980s, when t...</p>


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