The New Generation of Walking Tours

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The new generation of walking tours

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IntroductionThe PLoT TeamWhat is PLoT?Platforms for PLoTPLoT prototype for Dublin CityWhat makes PLoT unique?Using PLoTConclusion


PLoT is a fully responsive App designed for visitors who wish to create their own tour

Our prototype recommends a walking tour of Dublin based on our visitors facebook profile

The PLoT Team

Professor Stefan DeckerInsightDr Conor HayesInsightDr Christophe Debruyne DRIDr Sandra Collins DRIDr Benjamin Heitmann Development InsightKate McCarthy Content DRICarlos Tighe Development InsightNiall Brolchin Project Management Insight

What is PLoT?

A recommender system

A route planning system

A rapid data collection and management system using Open Data

Platforms for PLoT

Desktops & LaptopsMobilesTablets

PLoT is fully responsive and will work on all major devices & browsers

PLoT prototype for

Dublin City

What makes PLoT unique?Built on Open DataUser focusedMulti-responsiveInteractiveAllows user to take controlImproves with ageUses geo-location toolsRecommends based on user social media profileUses semantic rapid data collection systemsCan derive rich information from multiple sources

Using PLoT

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 LoginStep 2 Confirm details & create a tourStep 3 Edit the tour and youre ready to go

Using PLoTStep 1. Login with Facebook or manually

Using PLoTStep 2. Confirm your details & create a tour

Using PLoTStep 3. Edit the tour and youre ready to go


The potential of PLoT is enormousLets make it happen