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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>South Padre Island Ferry</p> <p>Padre Island, a popular tourist destination</p> <p>South Padre Island is situated in the Willacy County of the US state of Texas. Ferry service is a common means of transport in this popular tourist destination</p> <p>Ferry service in South Padre Island</p> <p>Ferry service is a common and popular mode of transportation on Padre Island. Cruise and personal boats could be boarded from Padre Boulevard, Port Isabel and other spots on the Island. Some of the major restaurants and resorts are connected with the ferry service. Book a seat on South Padre Island ferry service to explore the island</p> <p>Book a cruisliner</p> <p>Besides the small boats and ferry service a number of local and international cruises visit the island. You should check with a cruiseliner, bound to Padre Island, if they have any unreserved space available</p> <p>Best time to visit</p> <p>Climate of Padre Island is humid subtropical. In the month of January the average low and high is 11C and 20C respectively. During summer, in the month of July, the average low and high are 25 C and 32 C respectively. The best time to visit Padre Island is the winter months. Winter season starts and end in the same months to that of the United States mainland but it is not as cold</p>