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  • SantoriniMusic: Narode Makedonski - Kaliopi

  • Part of the Cyclades, this is one of the hottest Greek island.

  • In fact, the island is of volcanic origin.

  • The cliffs are part of the Caldera, as the volcano is called.

  • You can take a funicular, ride or walk up the hillside. Oooh... Its so hot!

  • Fira is the islands capital. This picture was taken before the vandals chopped the head off the statue.

  • The star-shaped pattern on the veranda floor is an imitation of the Sun of Macedonia.

  • Greeks are practical. They build their houses on the seashore and wait for the volcano to lift them to the top.

  • This is a place for the peaceful coexistence of widely differing religions, such as Greek Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Orthodox Greek Catholic, etc.

  • Sala de espectculos (para divertirte)

  • Casino (para desplumarte)

  • This picture reminds me of Ohrid...

  • The harbor offers a great view of tourists in shorts.

  • The Hill. Greek, of course.

  • These houses are all white at noon, but black at midnight! How courious!

  • ...this is where the Greeks hide their smoke...

  • Next picture: the most beautiful Coca Cola sunshades of Greece...

  • ...words fail me... because sweat got in my eye and mouth...

  • Im so dehydrated, my kidneys rustle...

  • ...these stairs should be called Stonegrill Walk ...

  • ...and this place the Moon Walk!

  • Ohrid is just as beautiful, but 30 F cooler.

  • I wonder when can we get back on the boat?

  • This place is definitely too hot. See you in Ohrid.