Sait - World Cup

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  1. 1. kll won PAC K. (GEIncludes: Four Nights accommodation on IBEROSTAR Grand Amazon All meals and beverages on board shipAll daily tours E7 excursions as described in the itinerrary Game Ticket - Match Club or Match PavitlionHospitality Package Match / .1. E4 v.E1"Private transfer giound transportationDedicated concierge servicePort.tourism taxes and gratuity on shipLocal insurancePer person based on double occupancyMatch Club:USD$5.1lo9.00 Match Pavillion:USD$5.699.o0'; ili: |l'1Ll. .tIl>! . FiFI W, -ild Cu;?lJ&ulL1li'. y T-Jet A Watch (Luv M 31 1., m:. i i H.114 n v. mi-oi:at St 7N'*tV liwrr i.Vltt . I.: Iftl. 'i7ltI| lI uult-1*