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Odyssey Tours - Enjoy the best Tours & Trips in Rome and Get the best Rome sightseeing from Odyssey tours. Book Colosseum tours, Vatican tours, Rome day tours. Click here to know more about tours :-


  • 1. BUS TOURS ROMERome is the fourth largest city of Europe and the capital of Italy. Rome is a place of impressive architectures and other sceneries. Starting from the Piazza del Campidogilo to the Colosseum, you have an enormous number of destinations to visit. Roaming around the city would help you to enjoy the taste of the architectects, who built Rome. This is where the bus tours Romecome in handy. Comfortable, convenient and easy way of roaming around the city is taking the bus.The bus would take you through all the important places in the city and also help you to learn about each attraction. You need not spend time and money in finding the next attraction or for traveling. Book a tick in the Rome private toursand you can enjoy the city in a luxurious way.a) Are you planning to visit Rome with your children? The Rome overnight tours or the private tours are the best option.b) The tour guide will help you learn about each attraction.c) No attraction or monument would be left behind.d) It is easier to move around the city by bus than any other mode of transport.e) It is cheaper and comfortable than most of the other types of transport

2. It is a small bus and there will be no noisy groups. You would be surrounded by families who are in the city for the same reason as you are. These routes are tailor made to suit your timing and vacation needs.The most common Rome private tours include the Vatican museums, chapels and Basilica of St Peter without any line. The Colosseum, forum, Emperors house and many other important attractions can be seen. Some tours focus on all the best attractions like the Vatican, Chapel, Trevi fountain, Piazzi Navona, Colosseum and Pantheon in one day. If you are planning for sightseeing, the Navona square, Pantheon, Spanish steps, Temple of Hadrian, Campo de Fiori and the government square would be shown to you within three hours. There are many other tours that focus on the tourists interest like food tours, Tivolo trips, Ostia tours and so on.When compared to the hustle in the crowded streets, not knowing which destination to see first and spending a lot of money and time on transport, guides and lines, these bus trips would help you to enjoy Rome, as it is meant to be. It is a very comfortable method to visit most of the city in one day.