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Richard Gregg

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Text of Richard Gregg

  • 1. He Planned
    • He live in UK, he planned to send two or three yearabroad.
  • But he lasted fourteen year.
  • He was so mach to see

2. Richard Gregg

  • First, he took the ferryto France. He rode across Europe to Italyand he sailed from Venice.

3. Africa

  • He go to the river nile to Aswan. He cauht the train for travel de desert. He was travelling through east Africa.
  • He was chased by a rhino, he arrived safely on the coast of Kenya.

4. India

  • He rode India. But he hirt his knee and he went the hospital.
  • He crossed the Himalaya, he go to Nepal and Tibet and he then into China

5. Japan

  • Richard took the boat to Japan.
  • But he ran out of money. He worked the english teacher for two year.

6. Haruyo

  • He met his Japanese wife, Haruyo. She rode with him for the next part of his trip through southeast Asia and Australia

7. Usa

  • He went to USA, where he saw the GRAND CANYON and NIAGARA. But he fell off his bike and he broke his leg. He their way home to the UK.

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