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  • 1. DONETSK ! ! Welcome to Ukraine!

2. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceGENERALINFORMATION ABOUTDONETSKMost "green" industrial city in the world City of miners and metallurgistsCity of a million roses City of contrasts 3. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceDONETSK CITY CENTER MAP 4. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceWHAT YOU SHOULD SEEIN DONETSK! The youngest and the oldest symbol of the city, a masterpiece of world-first applied art, the main element of the coat of arms of Donetsk region, a symbol of historic sound creative and technical capabilities. The founder of the city, creator of the steel plant - one of the largest in southern Russia, which gave impetus to industrial development and settlement Yuzovka and Donetsk region in general. 5. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceThe most modern stadium inEurope, there is only five-starstadium in Ukraine. This theater offootball with a unique level ofvisibility of the events, museum,chain stores of the club. Right herewill take place matches of Euro-2012. The first five-star hotel in Ukraine, which was incorporated into the World Alliance "Worlds Magnificent hotels, the best business hotel in Ukraine. 6. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceDonetsk City. White Swan(BeliyLebed). Dcor Donbass. Thelargest architectural project of2006, which has shops, cinemas,fast-food outlets, cafeterias andplaygrounds.Regional sportscomplex "Olympic"preceded by amonument S. N. Bubka- invincible pole vaulter,Olympic champion,world champion. Thesymbol of theachievements of theDonetsk Sports. 7. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience The new planetarium, which was built in a modern building in the Voroshilovsky region of Donetsk. The opening ceremony took place August 30, 2008. The diameter of the starry dome of the planetarium hall is 12 meters. The Planetarium Star hall has 88 seats. The new Planetarium has installed studio for create movies and shows.Shcherbakov Park, whohospitably welcomesguests after thereconstruction. Here isthe first stadium"Shakhtar" - the firststadium in Ukraine, withnight lighting. 8. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experiencePark forged sculptures is unique inEurope, where you can see signs of thezodiac avenue, alley childrens tales, abower for lovers, the Ukrainian pavilionand other sculptures made from metalmasters of blacksmith. First monument installed in the CIS - the British rock band, which has made a monumental contribution to the development of popular music has achieved unprecedented popularity. 9. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience 10. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceThe most interesting excursions of Donbass This is a vast underground city, which is full of mysterious and unique places. You can see the unique salt caves with unique salt sculptures. Tour begins with a short briefing on safety. The walls, ceiling, figures and trees - everything is made of salt. Virtually tour runs along the bottom of an ancient sea. During the tour you will visit: salt football field, underground labyrinths, underground gallery, will see the original pieces made of salt (gnomes guardians of the underworld, salt palm, etc.).Air salt cave is unique, it issaturated with tiny particles ofsalt, which creates a pleasantclimate, a positive effect on thehealth of visitors. Humidity -60%, temperature - 14-16 C.Even one visit to the salt cavewill give you a great positiveemotions and energies. 11. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceSvyatogorie - an amazing, uniquenatural site, located in the north ofDonetsk region. It is called the "Pearlof the Donbass" and "DonetskSwitzerland". It is a city with a uniquemonuments and charming nature. Onthe picturesque bank of the riverSeversky Donets on the chalk hills,covered with dense forest, lies theancient monastic cloister - Holy -Assumption Svyatogorsk Lavra. Thefirst notes of Svyatogorsk monasteryappeared in the chronicles of the XVIcentury.Currently Svyatogorie created uniqueconservation area, comprising 40 buildings,29 of which - the monuments of history,culture and architecture. Here remains amasterpiece of Ukrainian folk architecture -Nicholas church on the chalk rock, up to 1000 meters labyrinths - moves inside thechalk caves, known since the beginning ofXVI century, the Church of the AssumptionMonastery. 12. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience"Kleban-Byk" - regional landscapepark at the mouth of Kleban-Byk,on the banks of the reservoir byKleban-Byk, in the Constantineregion Donetsk region. Area of the park is characterized not only by unique natural complexes and objects, and special recreational conditions, which are determined by a variety of picturesque landscapes. This territory have a mountainous character. Of particular interest is the geological nature monument of national importance "Kleban-Bykskoe Nude", an area of 60 hectares with outcrops very ancient rocks that formed in the coastal areas of the old Perm Sea, who is located on the left side of Kleban-Byk reservoir. 13. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceCity of a million roses. Thisname Donetsk got because ofthe Botanical Garden, locatedon its territory. Botanicalgarden popular not onlyamong the residents, but alsotourists, and during theexistence of it became knownin many countries of near andfar abroad. 14. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceArtyomovsk Winery is one of thelargest in Europe for theproduction of sparkling wine in thetraditional way. The entireproduction cycle is locatedunderground at a depth of 72meters in a special microclimate.The all territory of over 25hectares, where there are both 30million bottles of sparkling wine.It is difficult to imagine that onceit is was a waterlogged mines.Today, they look a bit like artfullyilluminated Athos Cave - the wallsare painted in different colors -yellow, pink, green, purple. During the tour you will go on the underground galleries when will see to the production technology of the divine drink . After that, we will show room with tasting. Along the way, everyone can make a wish by touching the bas-relief of Bacchus. 15. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience Money USD 7.92 EUR 9.78 RUS 0.25Someadditionalinformation asfor prices: 16. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceSome additionalinformation: 17. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceDictionary 18. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience Mobile connection in DonetskOne of your first steps in Ukraine its buy ukrainiansim-card.We recommend you MTC connection. Its not a promo ;) In our city the main part of citizenuse it. Its cheap: every day inside MTC you will have free 50 min and 30 sms. About prices: start pocket (sim-card) costs near 20 grivnas;you should put on your mobile account 30 grivnasand your service (50 free min and 30 sms) will startto work. 19. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceHow to come to Donetsk from Kyiv ?First let me great you, our guest, in amazing country Ukraine. If you arereading this guind it means you are going to arrive to our capital Kyiv!Since youve decided to visit our beloved city here is short guide how to getfrom airport Boryspyl to another crucial place for interns and visitors TrainStation.When your plane lands you get to the main building of airport where youpass the registry and get your luggage. (Follow the signs in English)After that you need to get to main hall and turn right where youll noticeCurrency Exchange. We suggest not to change more than 10-20 dollars inairport since currency rate is not the best, plus all in all youll need less than5 dollars to pay for the bus to train station.Then, when you got some grivnas (Thats how our money is called=)) in yourpocket your destination is bus stop. To get there you need to go to the exitof Terminal B where you are in and head to the right.There youll notice big grey busses with word written on them.If you want to be sure just try to ask anyone near in English or in Russian.Pronunciation well be something like Izvinite, etot avtobys idet navokzal? which literally means Excuse me, this bus goes to train station?When you are in, lady will go through rows and collect pay for fare. It shouldbe approximately 5 dollars in grivnas which is 35 grivnas)Enjoy your ride, final destination of the bus is Train Station, it takes about30-40 minutes to get there. Meanwhile you can enjoy Kievs landscapes andscenery)When youll get of the bus at the railway station (this is the last bus stop),enter the main huge building with written on it . There near thepalms and fountains LC-Kyiv representative or just Reception responsiblewill meet you and give a warm Ukrainian hug and greetings) 20. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experienceMilitsiya (police)Those who arrive to Ukraine must have the identity documents and medical insurance. To avoid conflicts, it is recommended to travel around thecity and oblast by public transport or certified taxi service.It is prohibited to drink alcohol and smoke in publicplacesSkoraya (Ambulance) Main health care institutions in host city Donetsk: DOKTMO (Clinical Territorial Medical Association of Donetsk Oblast). Regional Traumatology Hospital. City Hospital 1.EmergenciesIn case of emergencies, loss of documents or need foremergency care and urgent cases the fans can use the hotline - 101. 21. LC Donetsk is the best opportunity for your experience AIESEC DONETSKS CONTACT INFORMATION Oksana Katrych Local Committee President+38 (095) 944-54-33Alex DvoinikovPavel GorbunovVP ER VP COM+38(050)913-74-45+38(095)721-11-38Anna BezborodovaMariya Zorina VP OGXVP PM+38(050)210-04-19 +38(066)867-94-81Elena BorshYuliya Kovaljova VP IX VP TM +38(099