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Photographing Sydney

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State Records NSW holds many tens of thousands of photographic images from the late 19th Century to the present, capturing life in New South Wales in much of its richness and diversity. The original formats of these images vary widely, from glass plates and lantern slides to 35mm negatives, colour transparencies and prints.View a sample of the collection.

Text of Photographing Sydney

  • Photographing Sydney

  • Chapter HeadingBullet Points/Body Text

  • Non-digital imagesMicrofilm in both reading roomsOriginal photographs held at the Western Sydney Records Centre (Kingswood)

  • Sydney, Sydney, SydneySydney celebratingSydneys buildingsNot so beautiful SydneyThe harbourThe Bridge

  • Sydney celebrating

  • Sydneys buildings

  • Government House

  • Town Hall

  • Sydney Railway Station

  • Central Railway Station

  • Not so beautiful Sydney

  • The harbour

  • The Bridge

  • NRS 12932; Dairy farm near Berry (NSW)