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PhotoTalkies a monthly e-magazine and is all about celebrating photography, and telling stories through images. In a joint venture between ZEISS and Kunzum. Enjoy the June 2014 edition of the same. And keep coming back for more.

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  • 1. PtaHlOkTieOs June 2014 Issue 05A Joint Initiative of Kunzum and ZEISSFACE TO FACEZEISS Touit Lensesas CompanionGLAMOUR &CATS THE BIG FASHION TIPS TECHof IndiaSony SmartbandNokia Lumia 630

2. ITS HOTTHE BEST TIME TOSPOT BIG CATSIf you want to go spotting the big cats in India, be prepared to sweat it out. And carry dollops ofsun protection creams, hats, comfortable clothing and water.The best time to meet lions, tigers and leopards in India is during the summer months of Mayand June when temperatures can come close to 50 degrees Centigrade. This is the time whenthe flora dries up to a great extent, which would normally camouflage animals from view evenif they were a few feet away. Water is scarce, and even the mightiest of animals cant live with-outit; you will thus find them lounging around the few water pools that remain naturally or arefilled by forest officials. The madding tourist crowd also tends to stay away - they often createtoo much of a ruckus, driving animals away. Sad.Not only the big cats, you will also get good viewings of other animals. For the same reasons asabove. And this is a delightful sight for the wildlife lover as well as the camera. Most parks closeby June 30, and reopen in September or October after the rains. So plan your trips accordingly.Till then, enjoy the photo feature on the wild cats in this issue.We have also started a special series on photography tips from the best of experts globally. Addto it the usual features on books, gadgets and apps and you have a well rounded issue of Photo-Talkies.Lets keep clicking together. And sharing our stories. Pictorially. Shot with a ZEISS.AJAY [email protected] 3. PtaHlOkTieOs A Joint Initiative of Kunzum and ZEISSPHOTOTALKIES IS A MONTHLY DIGITALMAGAZINE. AND ITS FREE!! DOWNLOADAND READ ON YOUR IPAD, IPHONE ORANY OTHER TABLET, COMPUTER ANDSMARTPHONE.www.kunzum.com/[email protected] to contributeto PhotoTalkies?Ping us at [email protected]: All articles and photographs in this magazine are the opinions of therespective contributors. It is understood that they own the copyright to the same, orhave the rights to offer the same under their bylines. ZEISS is not responsible forthe authenticity of any of the articles and photographs, nor will be held liable for anydisputes, claims and liabilities arising out of ownership or copyright issues of the contentin the magazine.CONTENTSThe Big Cats of India 05FACE TO FACE:The ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 as a constant companion 22GLAMOUR, FASHION & MAKE UP 28FUZEL: The App for Collages 35Sony Smartband 36Nokia Lumia 630 3710 Photography Tips for Every Travelling Shutterbug 39The Complete Book of the World Cup 42 4. 08 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 5. 09 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 6. 13 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 7. 14 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 8. 16 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 9. 17 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 10. 18 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 11. 19 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 12. 20 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 13. FACETOFACEThe ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 as a constant companionConsalvo de Costa has discovered the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32and now uses it to create classic portraits in black andwhite.Sparring partner22 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 14. Consalvo de Costa has a constant companion: the ZEISS Touit 1.8/32on a compact system camera (X-Pro 1). Portraits are his passionand he is always on the lookout for interesting faces. Sometimes heapproaches strangers in a bar, or accompanies colleagues to theirsports activities. Three of my colleagues box in their free time. I tooka few pictures during their training sessions and the results werereally surprising. The aggressive impression here is deceptive. Allthree are pretty reserved. That makes the pictures that bit moreinteresting: I was able to bring out another aspect of theirpersonalities.Punch23 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 15. When de Costa started seriously withphotography in 2011 and boughta full-frame SLR camera, he quicklybecame interested in portraits andthe big names in the genre, such asIrving Penn. My portraits are notsnapshots; they require organizationand planning. Nevertheless, I keepthe setting as simple as possible. Ioften use a small reflector screen,or a soft box with a synchronizedstandard flash. Equally important isestablishing contact with eachmodel my daughter is in the picturebelow and not letting yourself hidebehind a large camera.Melancholy pride24 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 16. De Costas tendency towards sim-plicityis what originally brought himto the Touit 1.8/32 in the autumn of2013. His single-lens reflex system be-cametoo bulky and he was lookingfor an alternative one that would notrequire him to lower his standards interms of quality. My photo dealer letme test the Touit for an hour. After afew test shots I knew: this is it. It notonly makes exceptional images, it alsofeels good in your hands.Kitchen helpers25 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 17. De Costa initially had doubts about whether the standard 48mm(with crop factor of 1.5) was a not-too-short focal length forportrait photography. But the Touit 1.8/32 proved a positivesurprise in that respect. The lens delivers amazingly sharppictures that and this is very important in portraiture are alsocompletely distortion-free. I think the combination of a Touit witha system camera even exceeds the quality of a full format.Using this combination, a photographers every need is met with one caveat. Without wanting to exaggerate, I often thinkthat this Touit is the perfect lens for my needs. But of course Imvery curious about the new Touit 2.8/50M. With its moderatetele focal length, it must be very well suited to portraits as well.Well see.Distant viewAbout Consalvo de CostaConsalvo de Costa has been taking pictures since hischildhood. While studying business, he also enjoyedspending time in the dark room. Today, he lives inMilan and works in the marketing department of a health-carecompany. Visual communication is an important partof his daily work. And he takes that with him after work,experimenting with his camera in many very different ways.http://www.flickr.com/photos/consalvodecosta/26 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 18. GLAMOUR,FASHION &MAKE-UPThe ZEISS TouitFashion and beauty photographer Sonja Dirscherl akaMIA ROYAL tested exclusively the new ZEISS Touit2.8/50M against the tough conditions of a studio. And sheis enthusiastic. The light and flexible combination of asystem camera with a Touit exceeded expectationscompared to a full-frame camera that latter the normalbenchmark for professional photography.28 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 19. Today DSLR cameras are state of the art for studio photography. Butpowerful compact system cameras (CSC) are increasingly becoming aviable option in this discipline too. And Sonja Dirscherl, a fashion andbeauty photographer from Cologne, couldnt agree more. She discov-eredthe X system from Fujifilm and likes how light and flexible thesecameras are. When working with a compact system camera in the studio,she doesnt disappear behind a large single-lens reflex camera, but insteadcan communicate directly with her models during a shoot. In other words,she is both present and unobtrusive at the same time. When asked last fallwhether she wanted to try the new Touit 2.8/50M exclusively before theofficial launch, she immediately said yes and was surprised by theexcellent results.Together with one of her clients, a professional make-up school in Cologne,Dirscherl organized a six-hour shoot in December 2013. The graduates ofpro academy learn make-up techniques that are in demand in photogra-phy,film and television. They use finely pigmented high-end cosmeticsbecause todays cameras can pick up even the tiniest blemish and imper-fectionof the skin, she says. Five young make-up artists carried out theirfinal thesis on five models, which provided Dirscherl with ample oppor-tunityto test the Touit 2.8/50M. The macro characteristics of the Touitreally add value in my work, she says. Thanks to the large magnificationpower that is possible, I can easily take detailed shots of such details aslips or eyes, where you can clearly identify the structure of a single hair,pore and even the pigmentation of the eye shadow. That level of detail isexpected these days from a lens in cosmetics photography. At the sametime, I barely had to do any extra work during the editing for example forre-sharpening.X-E2, Touit 2.8/50M, f/13, 1/160 sec, ISO 200Watch it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTOgnpAl3VQ29 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 20. XE-2, Touit 2.8/50M, f/8, 1/160 sec, ISO 20030 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 21. X-M1, Touit 2.8/50M, f/13, 1/160 sec, ISO 250One particular feature autofocus - is particularly important for Dirscherl.Characteristic for the Touit family, autofocus is generally unusual forZEISS. I cant really use manual focusing in my work because in fashionphotography you want to have the body language, which comes from themodels movements. For this, I need equipment that reacts immediately;otherwise the poses change before I can capture them. In this sense theTouit 2.8/50M really won me over. It not only has a pleasant surface feel,which ensures good handling, but also a super-fast autofocus with a shortreaction time.Reacting fast is vital in studio photography, but of course the center ofattention is always the final image, as Dirscherl herself emphasizes.For a professional photographer like myself, Touit lenses are extremelyinteresting. For me, a fixed focal length is always my first choice becauseI am dependent on a higher focus and strong contrast. In portrait andfashion photography, it is extremely important that there are no anatomicdistortions in the images, for example as a result of converging lines. The50 mm focal length of the Touit 2.8/50M is ideally suited for this. It createsa fantastic, natural-looking depiction of the models.31 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 22. XM-1, Touit 2.8/50M, f/7.1, 1/16 sec, ISO 200 (Black/white conversion of a color image)32 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 23. X-E2, Touit 2.8/50M, f/13, 1/160 sec, ISO 200Dirscherl also likes the balanced color rendering of the Touit 2.8/50M. Thecolors are neither overloaded nor too neutral, but rather harmonious, inparticular the skin tones. This is particularly noticeable in black and white;there are no visible contrasts. The image is so rich in detail that you canalso see the mid-range tones. And theres a certain dynamism achievedacross the entire image, which harmoniously rounds out the picture. Theexcellent detail and homogeneous skin complexion are also striking in apositive way.I always compare my photographic work to the standard of a full-framecamera. And with the Touit 2.8/50M, in combination with a system camera,I can truly say: the comparison totally works. Although system cameras arestill uncommon in the studio, the Touit is outstanding to use for high-endphotography.About Sonja DirscherlSonja Dirscherl trained as a graphic designer, but later entered fashionpurchasing. It was during this time that she privately started takingphotographs. As an autodidact fashion and beauty photographer sheacquired her skill through a lot of learning by doing and finally set up her ownsuccessful business in 2009. Today she counts such well-known names asGermanys Next Topmodel, international magazines und variousartists among her clients. She writes for DigitalPHOTO and teaches at theFUJIFILMSchool and the DigitalPHOTO Academy.http://www.mia-royal.com/33 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 24. FUZEL Collages. They can be wonderful and dazzling to see whenyou get them right. And an absolute disaster when you getthem wrong. But rare indeed is the photographer who hasnot at some time tried to create a collage or twoor more.Which is why we are talking about Fuzel here. What wereally love about Fuzel (apart from the fact that it istotally free) is just how easy it is to use. You just select thepictures you want to select in the collage any numberfrom two to sixteen and then let the app work its magicat arranging them. No, it wont always get them spot on thefirst time it lays them out, but then that brings us to the nextgreat thing about the app you can actually play aroundwith the templates: moving images around, adding minorediting effects, removing pictures and replacing them withothers and much more. There are more than fifty templatesavailable by default and there is a lot of collage chaos youcan wreak with them, including adding animation effects(images moving around in their designated slots, if youwill). No, it is not as creatively insane as you could be withyour bare hands, but hey, it is a lot less messy, works moresmoothly and still generates a high quality end result thatyou can share across your social networks with as little as atap. Pretty much a must-have for all ye who possess an iOSdevice and a camera.Available from: iTunes App StorePrice: FreeThe app for collagesNIMISH DUBEY35 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 25. SONYSMARTBANDWearables are the rage this season. And alas, they also costa bomb. Be it Samsungs Galaxy Gear series, Sonys Smart-Watches or the much-praised Pebble, each will lay yourwallet low by anything upwards of Rs 10,000. So you canimagine how high our eyebrows shot up when Sony intro-ducedthe SmartBand, a wearable wristband, for Rs 5,999.Yes, on the surface, it does not look very impressive ithas no display whatsoever and is basically a small core unitthat slots into a wristband (you get two with the device, forboth genders, although the colours depend on the pack-ageyou purchase). But pair it with a compatible Androiddevice and it works with any Android phone runningKit Kat (4.4) and above and the band starts its magic. Ituses the sensors inside the core to send information tothe phone and presents it in a dazzling format using So-nysLifelog application. The result: you can check up howmany steps you have taken, how many calories you haveburnt, how much you have slept, how much time you havespent on social networks, on e-mail, when you took whichphotograph, where you travelled, and so ona beautifulsummary of your day, complete with some lovely anima-tions.Yes, the absence of a display is a bit of a downer, butyou can get notifications about calls, messages and thelike on the SmartBand, which vibrates gently. Battery lifeis superb a single charge got us through five days andwe could also control some apps like the camera from thesmartband. We in particular loved the feature that alertedus whenever we went too far from our phone (we used itwith a Nexus 5). It is not a watch, but it sure is smart andis very wearable (you can even opt for different strap co-lours).And costeth not a bomb. Which makes it definitelyworth trying out in our opinion.Price: Rs 5,999Log in to your life, wearable tech styleNIMISH DUBEY36 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 26. Nokia Lumia 630 The term value for money has been bandied aroundtoo easily of late, being used to describe just about anysmartphone that is available for less than Rs 12,000. Wehave seen our share of these, but honestly, almost eachcomes with its share of compromises on the hardwareor software front, which in turn tend to muck up (no,theres no gentler term for it) the user experience. TheLumia 630, however, seems a delightful aberration. Itcuts no major corners on the hardware front offering youa 4.5 inch display, backed up by a quad core QualcommSnapdragon 400 processor and 8GB onboard storage(expandable to 128 GB), 3G connectivity and best of all,the latest Windows Phone operating system WindowsPhone 8.1 (something no other phone in the country hasat the time of writing). All in a very natty looking and sol-idlybuilt body that is a mere 9.2 mm thick. Some mightscoff at the 512 MB RAM and the 854 x 480 resolution ofthe display, but we were very impressed by the speed atwhich the device performed. There were zero lags andthe phone pretty much handled everything we threw atit from mails to Facebook to Temple Run. There were theusual add-ons like free music from Nokia MixRadio anda lifetime of free maps and navigation, topped off withgreat reception and sound, but the surprise package wasthe 5.0-megapixel shooter which takes the best pictureswe have seen from a phone at this price point. Which ofcourse, brings us to the little matter of the price. We savedthe best for the last: Rs 11,500 for the dual SIM edition(it is the first Lumia to support dual SIMs) and about Rs10,500 for the single SIM one. Perfect for those on a tightbudget, we say.Price: Rs 11, 500 (dual SIM), Rs 10,500 (single SIM)DID MONEY EVER DELIVER SO MUCH VALUENIMISH DUBEY37 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 27. 10 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPSFOR EVERY TRAVELLINGSHUTTERBUGAJAY JAINWe all love to take photographs - especially when we travel. But so often we facedisappointments over missed or badly taken photos. Here are 10 tips for every pho-tographer- amateur or professional - to increase your chances of taking memorablepictures.Before you continue, remember: The camera is the last piece in the photograph-icprocess. Seriously, I mean it. If you want to be a good photographer, as anamateur or a professional, I suggest you ponder over the following:1.The camera does not matter: You do not need an expensive camera to start takinggood photos. Make do with what you have - smartphones, point-and-shoots or basicDSLRs - and master these first. In over 70 percent of the cases, your entry level DSLR willgive you results similar to a high end one. Upgrade only after you have been shootingenough with what you have first.2.Technology does most of the work for you - but only you can compose: Todayscameras are advanced enough to give you great results even in the auto mode, or byjust adjusting the Shutter or Aperture settings. No need to fret about knowing all cam-erafunctions initially - just understand the essentials. But no camera can compose foryou - the art if your own. And that is what you need to work on most - what goes intoyour frame. Learn to observe the world around you - can compose images in your mindwithout your camera.3.Always be a student: Never stop learning. The Internet is a great resource for blogs,magazines and other repositories of knowledge. Go through this content regularly -understand what the experts are saying. Look at a lot of photographs - online andin galleries. Your senses will get more artistic sub-consciously. Talk to other photogra-phers- dont hesitate to ask questions. We have all learnt from each other. A simple tipcan do wonders for your photography. Learn from the Masters but dont imitate them- develop your own style.4.The 20:80 rule of classroom learning: No matter how many lessons you take, thatis only 20 percent of the job done. The rest is what you do with yourself. If you dontpractice regularly, and put in the hard work, you might as well not waste your time andmoney attending classes. The teacher can only teach you the vocabulary - you have toforms words and stories yourself.39 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 28. 5.No substitute for hard work and odd hours: Photography is not for the lazy. You have tobe on your feet - and at times when your subject can be shot best. If you want to shoot in thefirst light of the day, you have to be up when the world is still asleep. Sunrise will not change itsschedule for you. Be willing to explore and wait for surprises to pop up - for example, if you area travel or street photographer, spend hours just walking around and looking around you. Youcannot always pre-plan what you are going to shoot.6.Prepare yourself in advance for best results: Advance research is very important. Researchyour subject before going out to shoot. For example, if you are travelling, find out the best timeof the year to shoot. Try to coincide your trip with events. Browse the Internet to see what othershave shot - get ideas, but dont just imitate. Come back with your own unique shots. If you needpermissions, have them in order. Carry back-up batteries, memory and even cameras if going toremote locations. Go fully prepared - but keep your mind and eyes open to shooting what youhave not visualised.7.Travel light: Burdening yourself like a mule with equipment is not sexy. Travel light. Carryonly as much as you need. You dont want to be weighed down with gear - and also be worriedabout losing something. You need to be free in the mind to shoot better.8.Keep your equipment safe: Tourists are the easiest victims for thieves looking to steal cam-eras.We all tend to just place our cameras anywhere - on a wall, on the floor in a cafe, in an opencar. And as the day progresses, we get tired and our alertness levels go down. Keep the equip-mentclose to you. Have the cameras strapped to your bodies. If you are sitting someplace, havean arm or a leg going through the bag straps. You dont want to spoil your mood and be thepoorer too.9.Dont let the camera die on you: Cameras seem to follow their own version of Murphys law:they will go on the blink just when you have that perfect moment to be captured on holiday.Carry extra memory and battery. And keep the batteries charged and empty the memory cardsat the end of each day.10.Take Back-Ups: Try carrying a laptop to download images whenever you can. And dontprocrastinate: download at every opportunity, you might run short of memory anytime. Andmake an extra copy too in case of a computer crash. Back-up on CDs at a cyber caf: Most cybercafes, especially in tourist locations, have facilities to download images and burn them on a CDfor a nominal sum. Upload the same online on Flickr or any other platform if you can.- Ajay Jain is a travel writer and photographer,and blogs at http://kunzum.com.He has authored several books on histravels including Peep Peep Dont Sleep40 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 29. PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISSConnect with ZEISShttps://www.facebook.com/carlzeisslenseshttp://www.flickr.com/groups/carlzeisslenseshttp://vimeo.com/groups/carlzeisslenseshttps://twitter.com/carlzeisslensesFor more information on ZEISS Sports Opticsand Camera Lenseswww.zeiss.com/sportsopticswww.zeiss.com/photowww.zeiss.com/cineFor Customer [email protected]+91.11.45156000 30. THE COMPLETE BOOKOF THE WORLD CUPThe best book on the World Cup. Period.NIMISH DUBEYThere are not too many books that live up to their titles. But Cris Freddis TheComplete Book of the World Cup does so. Resoundingly. Available on theKindle for Indian readers (do not try getting a paper copy), this is a book thatsimply has it ALL about the worlds premier football tournament. You wantthe line ups of every football match played in the tournament? You got it. Youwant the name of every goal scorer and when he scored the goal? Its there. Adetailed, opinionated report on every match? There. Hell, you want the atten-danceof every match played in the tournament? Again, all you need to do isdip into those pages. And as there are literally hundreds of pages out there,the Kindle is perhaps the best format in which to read this book. The book isvery well indexed and arranged tournament by tournament, so navigation isconvenient and well, you are saved from the task of lugging around a bookthat would have tipped the scale by well over a kilogram if its 2002 editionis any indication. But while the detail makes this book a treasure trove for allthose who are interested in the World Cup, what really makes it stand outis the narration. Freddi writes brilliantly and with feeling, making this a veryreadable book, and not just a footballing version of the Guiness Book of WorldRecords. Do you love football? Download. Read.42 PhotoTalkies by Kunzum and ZEISS 31. AboutAjay JainAjay Jain is a full timewriter and photographer,and has authored eightpaperback books and over30 e-books. He promoteshis photography ascollectible art, runs thepopular Kunzum TravelCafe in New Delhi and publishes e-magazines ontravel and photography.He is also a regular speaker on Mindful Travel,Personal Branding, Photography and BusinessNetworking. All his creative ideas came to thefore only after he started travelling - mindfully.He has pursued careers in InformationTechnology and Sports Management before hetook up journalism and writing. He holdsdegrees in Mechanical Engineering, BusinessManagement and Journalism.More on Ajay Jain at http://ajayjain.Connect com.with him at [email protected]+91.9910044476. Or call his officeat +91.9650702777. 32. Want to bea greatphotographer?Want to bea travel writer?As aprofessionalor a hobbyist?Full timeor Part Time?Sign up for a workshop / courseat the Kunzum Media Lab. Wepromise it will change your life.Kunzum Travel CafeT-49, GF, Hauz Khas VillageNew Delhi 110016, IndiaTel: +91.9650 702 777 / +91.11.2651 [email protected]: 11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., Mondays Closedwww.kunzum.c om/mediala b 33. T-49, GF, Hauz Khas VillageNew Delhi 110016, IndiaTel: +91.9650 702 777 / +91.11.2651 [email protected]: 11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., Mondays Closed