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  • Egyptian tourism promotion authority E gypt this M onth June 2009 Issue # 1Sharm El SheikhThe City that never sleeps Flash News Tourism Field Workers Training Program Continuous investment in skills development and sustainable training of human resources in the field of tourism, is the backbone for better standard of services, which in turn, will give us an edge over competitors in the same field, in order to attract tourists to Egypt, stated H.E. Minister of Tourism Zoheir Garanah, in a speech delivered during the signing of an agreement between the Egyptian Tourism Federation and AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services Institute) to provide courses in the English language to workers in the tourism Sharm El Sheikh - the City of Peace - is where tourists from all around the sector. world come to spend an unforgettable vacation of their dreams. The agreement is comprised into three training programs over aShar m El Sheikh is strategically and every taste. span of three years, to providelocated at the southern edge of the better customer service andSinai Peninsula, where the two gulfs Hotels improving guest satisfaction. Theof Aqaba and Suez meet with the Sharm has wide a range of hotels that programs are fully financed by theRed Sea; thus considered a meeting are lined up along Sharm Peace Road Ministry of Tourism:point between both Asia and Africa. and different bays; most of them areA recreation, residential and business at a walking distance from the main 1. Amideast will be providingresort. Neama bay. If you are looking for the courses in the English language for more than 100,000 employees hustle and bustle, then you should opt in the following sectors: FrontSharm, the City for a hotel there, or for those at a walk- Desk, Food and Beverage andThe city is endowed with a moderate ing distance from the bay, like Marriott, Housekeeping, to 3 and 4 star hotelsunny weather, almost all year long, Hilton and Sofitel. However, if you are employees, starting with hotels incharming turquoise water, coral reefs searching for a peaceful holiday, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghadaand distinctive types of fish. Besides a where you can enjoy the beach, the resorts.variety of land and water sports, visitors hotels facilities and sports such as golfcan just lie down and enjoy the warm and tennis - Maritim Jolie Ville Golf and 2. The second program will trainsun on the fine white sand beaches Resort is around 10 minutes by taxi from around 3,000 employees ator hotel swimming pools. From Sharm, Neama bay. It is one of many recom- airports, taxi drivers, waiters andyou can embark on sea excursions to mended hotels. Most other hotels are retail shops salespeople and others who have direct contact withany of the nearby protectorates, or on located not far from the bay by taxi. tourists, in basic English languagea desert safari excursion. Sharm boasts conversation courses.of a large number of hotels and res- Excursions & Aqua Sportstaurants that cater nearly to all kinds Sharm El Sheikh is home to many water 3. The third program will provideof budgets; it is a fascinating, recre- sports and marine related activities. courses in hospitality to hotelational and night life city that never Many diving centers offer boat trips management staff.sleeps, offering a lot to its visitors, and to explore the wonders of the sea.there is basically everything for each The National Park in Ras Mohammed INSIDE Sharm El Sheikh | Nabq Protectorate | Revealing an Ottoman Mosque Whats On This Month | Directory June . 2009 1
  • Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letter Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority News letterlocated on the very tip of the Sinai Pangaea Night Club Sharm is a hub for divers and diving clothes and beach wear.Peninsula probably represents some centers. In every corner, all around The three main shopping areas areof the most famous diving sites in the the city or even in your hotel, you will in Neama Bay Promenade, the OldRed Sea with 800-metre (2,600 ft) find one. Centers usually provide train- Market and El Mercato, next to Ritzdeep reef walls and pounding current ing for beginners or amateurs as well Carlton Hotel on Sharm Elysee Road.and coral gardens. Other great div- as training certificates. Ask your hotel As you are strolling on Neama Bay,ing sites include, Ras Om El Sid, Tiran concierge for the best and well-known take a look at Aladin art gallery. YouIsland, the Straits of Tiranand wrecks centers in the vicinity. will marvel at its exquisite and uniquelylike the Thistlegorm and Dunraven. displayed collection offered at mod-An interesting place is El Fanar, an Recreation and Entertainment erate prices. Aladin displays a largeecological diving site all surrounded Aqua Park- El Hadaba collection of distinctive Egyptian arts Naema Bayby the sea, located in Ras Um El Sid. Cleo Park is the first pharoanic-themed and crafts, from 100% hand-wovenAny kind of aquatic sports is available water park to open in Sharm. It is Egyptian items, leather bags, to fusedin Sharm, from Snorkeling and Scuba located in the heart of Neama Bay. glass items and hand made desertDiving, wakeboarding, waterskiing, You can purchase your tickets at the style jewelry and accessories. Kenoozwindsurfing, para-sailing and canoe- door. Antique Shop is for antique, to glass bottom boats to explore Opening hours: daily from 10:00 am Although the shop is very small and El Merca