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I put this together v quickly to present at Ignite Liverpool 10 just to go promote Liverpool's cool events

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  • 1. Upcoming Events

2. August 2nd 6pmStatic Gallery, Roscoe Street 3. Tomorrow 19th JulyFreelance fun and co-working event 4. OggCamp is a 2 day event which celebrates Free Software andFree Culture by bringing together top developers, artists, hackers and community heroes to share ideas, collaborate, educate and hopefully entertain. 5. A monthly meet up for creatives in and aroundLiverpool. It will be held the first Thursday of the month.The meetup would take place within Elevator Baroffering a casual vibe where we can meet, chat, networkand help Liverpool Creative join together. 6. Scouse WordpressInterest GroupFor all web industry workers in Liverpool andbeyond26 July at the InterconnectIT offices. 7. How Why DIY CICLiverpool should not be left behind in the digitalrevolution, we should provide ourselves and ourchildren with the skills, knowledge and access to the resources they will need to face a rapidly changing world. 8. 9. Not to forget, Geekup,LivLug, Makerdays,Breaker Nights, Sewing Club 10. Thank you 11. The Ignite TeamAdrian McEwenAndy Goodwin Mandy PhillipsHannah JohnsonNeil MorrinDan Lynch 12. Thank you to !Neil Martin 13. Thank you to ! 14. Thank you to ! 15. And a big thank you to allour speakers