Lefkada, riot of colors

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<p>Lefkada, riot of colorsIsland off the coast Acarnania Lefkada is one of the most popular tourist destinations of our country , and offers fans a unique combination of easy access ( connected by road to mainland Greece ) and stunning natural beauty.The welcoming beaches , the beautiful sandy beaches , beautiful natural terrain and wooded areas are harmonized in a matching set with the traditional mountain villages and picturesque coastal villages .The island welcomes visitors of the capital , the city of Lefkada , spiritual and cultural center with medieval origins and peculiar architectural past.Interesting traditional town houses , old churches with ornate spiers , and the modern marina facilities high standard , a reference point for lovers of sea excursions .Near the town are , inter alia , the Byzantine church of Panagia Odigitrias fortress of Santa Maura and the monastery of the Virgin to .On the west coast of Lefkada stand Agios Nikitas village with traditional colors and cosmopolitan character , built in the small cove of the bay , the famous seat , with a wide sandy beach and beautiful sunset views , the majestic Egkremnoi , with steep cliffs and vast sandy beach , and the famous Porto Kid , area of outstanding natural beauty with breathtaking beach .On the southern coast of the island , the Basilica , the bosom sheltered bay , ideal for lovers of windsurfing , Sivota , wonderful natural deep fjords , and Mikros Gialos on the inlet cove with crystal clear waters , are the settlements where the largest tourist traffic .On the east coast lie the major resorts of Lefkada : the Kariotes , Ligia , Nikiana , Pergiali , Nidri , the largest tourist resort on the island, Vlycho and Geni. Opposite Nidri are the majestic Princes ( Madoyri , turtles , Scorpio , Sparta , Skorpidi ) .Great interest is the heartland of Lefkada , where visitors discover villages that preserves the traditional character : Lazarata , Karya , with its picturesque square and the long tradition of weaving and embroidery, and the Mt Exanthia , the Englouvi and Vafkeri .</p>