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  • 1. E.R.D. A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Third year Eyrarbakki Project CONTENTS: Iceland explainedSite mapProposed site planAxonometric drawing of proposalSection drawing of E.R.D.A .S proposalElevation drawing of E.R.D.A .S proposal Internal views ofE.R.D.A.S. focusing on door wallReclaimed door construction test at University of East LondonConstruciton process of E.R.D.A.S proposal

2. E. R.D. A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Iceland explained unscaledEyrarbakki 61O NN14o Sunrise3:4347o Sunrise8:14129o Highest suns altitude 12:08 61o Highest suns altitude 12:04 14o Sunset 20:32 312oSunset 15:54 230o Duration of sunshine 16:49 Duration of sunshine 7:40 LocationIceland is an island between the Greenland Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, north west of the United Kindom.Site Location Eyrarbakki is on the south western side of Iceland coastal region. It was once the capital of Iceland but due to the harshness of the sea on this part of iceland the main port of business was moved the Reykjavik, which is now know as Icelands capital.Climate The climate of Iceland is moderated by the North Atlantic Current.Windfrom the WSW (240 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 KT)EnviromentEnviroment issues in Iceland include water pollution form fertilizer runoff and inadequate wastewater treatement.The use of timber as the main constuction material and the conditions of the soil has caused huge negitave effects to the enviroment . Causing timber to be imported. They are trying starting mainly in the capital to build with brick and concrete but due to the high cost most villages are still using timber as well as corrigated iron with aluminium zink coating . By Jonathan Jordan 3. E. R.D.A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Site map unscaledMy site is located on the southern edge of the village at a junction with six other houses. it is in walking distance to icelands penitentiary, the local horse ranch and the local primary school with its truf and gravel football courts.One of the two main roads to Eyrargakki connects to this junction. My proposal is made up of wood and metal workshops, two tempory stay homes and the E.R.D.A shopThe views from my site to the north west is the central of Eyrarbakki and to the west is the alantic ocean from the site can see icelands best sunset views and to the east teh volcanic hills of iceland. A view of central EyrarbakkiA view of the Atlantic ocean with A view of some volcanic hills of sunseticeland By Jonathan Jordan 4. E.R. D. A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Proposed site plan unscaledThis drawing illustrates the plan of the proposed proposal with sections drawn around the main dwelling of the proposal, the E.D.R.A.S. The proposal works by utilising a derelict foundation and neighbouring wood workshop. The derelict foundation would be built upon and turned in to the E.D.R.A.S with a walk way connecting it form the existing wood workshop to the temporary residence blocks to a new metal work shop. Volcanic rock used Lyme grass other- for road paveing and wise known as elym spaces of regular use. arenarius, that grownon sandy subsoil such Concrete bricks used as that found alll over for walk way.Eyrarvbakki. Concrete pavingThe material make up blocks also used for fo the sea wall is of walk way.large volcanic rockslyme grass covering Building materials lower part to a shingle corrugated iron with shore line of smaller aluminum zinc coatingvolcanic rocks. used for the roof and concrete block wallsBuilding materialBuilding material corrugated iron with timber walls painted aluminum zinc coatingwhite, corrugated iron used for roof and wall with aluminium zinc facade.coating for the roof.By Jonathan Jordan 5. E. R. D. A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Axonometric drawing of proposal unscaledThere is vistors parking on my proposal as well as loading areas .Due to the harsh conditions of iceland, the volcanic enviroment the coastal reagion is made up of sandy subsoil with the only type of vegetation to survive being lyme grass which is being used for the turf roofs.The proposal is to create a gathering space for the community and to bring people to this village form others.The economic status of Iceland is harsh as well as the environment. Taking this into consideration my building would house reclaimed items for domestic use that would be repaired on site to a reusable state and sold at a reduce prices.By Jonathan Jordan 6. E. R.D.A. S.section Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Section drawing of E.R.D.A .S proposal unscaledThe sections show the timber frames used. the wallswould be timber pannels shiped in and built using slowbuilding principals with recycled corrugated aluminiumwith zink coating.section section section By Jonathan Jordan 7. sectionE. R. D.A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Elevation drawing of E.R.D.A .S proposal unscaled section section section By Jonathan Jordan 8. 1 2 E. R.D.A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Construciton process of E.R.D.A.S proposal unscaled34 5 By Jonathan Jordan 9. 67 E. R.D.A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Construciton process of E.R.D.A.S proposal unscaled89 10By Jonathan Jordan 10. E. R. D. A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Internal views of E.R.D.A.S. focusing on door wall unscaled The model above shows the interconnection spaces that make up the build- ing, as well as showing the front portion of the E.R.D.A.S. building it also indicates the different materials as the wall are made up of timber panels and the doors are older, reclaimed and used as door walls with slots cut out of them for use as windows. These images on the right are of internal space of the front portion of the E.R.D.A.S. proposal how the building itself is built using reclamed material found around Eyrarbakki. The material used are reclamed doors which are found abandon as external doors are regularly changed due to the environ- mental conditions of EyrarbakkiBy Jonathan Jordan 11. E.R. D.A. S. Eyrarbakki Reclaimed Domestic Antiques shop Reclaimed door construction test at University of East London unscaled A. Reclaimed Doors B. Sheep wool insulation C. 219 x 97 mm lintel1994 mm838 mm44 mmBy Jonathan Jordan