Guurrbi's bush creatures

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The rock art sites are home to creatures of all shapes and sizes...from the huge Guwaarga, lace monitor, to tiny lizards and pretty bugs and beetles.

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  • 1. GuurrbisbushcreaturesGuurrbi Tours, Cooktown

2. Gugaa a pretty little Blue-winged Kookaburra. 3. Gabul the carpet snake or childrens python. 4. Daan-gaay a legless lizard. 5. Daan-gaay is born with four legs andloses them when he gets older. 6. He freezes when he feels threatened. 7. Gulgul the blue-tongued lizard. This lizard will fight with taipans. 8. Say Ahhh! The Gulgul showing off its blue tongue. 9. We have manytypes of goanna atWangaar-Wuri. Thisone we call Gubuy, the tree- climbing goanna. 10. Gubuy tree-climbing goanna. 11. Gubuy tree-climbing goanna 12. This is Guwaarga the black tree-climbing goanna or lace monitor. 13. Guwaarga can grow up to 2 metres long... 14. and weigh up to 20 kgs. 15. This lazy Guwaarga ran ahead of us on tour, then stoppedand leant against the base of this tree, as if to say, You comeany closer & Illclimb this tree! 16. We know summer is on its way when we hear Wabul, the Torres Strait Pigeon. 17. Thiibuul bats near the Birth Site. Photo: Bernd Jonkmanns 18. Bunyjul frill-necked lizard.He tells us when its going to rain. 19. We found this baby bunyjul near theRainbow Serpent Cave. 20. There are lots ofGuugu Yimithirr stories aboutBunyjul. Theyreusually the mischiefmakers! 21. Heres a really bigone we spotted onthe way to the rock art sites. 22. When bunyjul feels threatened he hisses and opens his frill to look bigger. 23. The frills are usually brightly coloured. 24. Heres a happy guest overcoming his fear of lizards. 25. This praying mantis has taken on the colour of the rocks. 26. Bungga-ga the edible grub found in the trunk ofthe bungga (black boy). 27. This photo ofBurriwi, theemu, caused much joyand excitement, as we hadnt seen Burriwi inour area for 25 years ormore. Now theyre coming back. 28. Walanggar a sleepy looking death adder. 29. Walananggar trying to hide himself in the earth. 30. He shows all his colours when threatened. 31. A newly-born Walangaar, just 10 cms long. 32. A beautiful, young female Golden Orb spider who livesnear the Birth Site. 33. Pretty Cotton Harlequin bugs. 34. We often spot the beautiful Brolga amongst the cattleon the way to the rock art sites. 35. Duguulmburr, the small grey lizard. Also known asLittle Tommy Roundhead. 36. He stays close topeople forprotection againstbirds. Photo: Kai Ostermann 37. Wandaar the white cockatoo tribal totem for the coastal Guugu Yimithirr. 38. Ngurraarr black cockatoo. This is the tribal totem for the inland Guugu Yimithirr. 39. My tribal totem is Ngurraar the black cockatoo.. 40. Heres a pretty dragonfly that lives in the Rainbow Serpent Cave. 41. A beautiful Australian Tarantula. The species isthreatened as so many people take them for pets. 42. This one has just moulted. He can bite, so best admired from a distance. 43. Gamuru the freshwater python on the move toanother water hole. 44. A pretty little Jewel Beetle. He feeds on flowers. 45. Rattle ants makedrumming noises to frighten predatorsaway. They make thenoise by tappingtheir bottoms. 46. Manuya, the sand goanna. We believe his fat is good forpreventing arthritis. 47. He stands on his back legs when searching for a mate.Photo: Mari Carmen Pineda 48. Gadaar the agile wallaby. 49. Guybarr red lizard drinking from a leaf. 50. Willie shows youhow to do this butdont try it withsnakes!