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Prepared by Burakhan Varol to Assistant Associate Professor Gülşah Gönenli Greenlan d Class: Comm-101 Subject: Communication in Greenla


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Greenland was my homework.

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  • 1. Prepared by Burakhan Varol to Assistant Associate Professor Glah Gnenli Class: Comm-101 Subject: Communication in Greenland

2. * Capital: Nuuk (largest city) Language: Greenlandic Area: 2.166.086 km2 (12th largest country) Water: %81 Population: 56.615 3. - Gunnbjrn Ulfsson discovered Greenland in 900. - Erik the Red led the Vikings settled Greenland in 986. - Greenland became a member of European Union in 1973. - Greenlandic wanted to leave from EU in 1985. - Greenland got further autonomy and self rule from Danmark in 2009 4. - His father commited a murder and he escaped to sea. - The Sailors was talking about an unknown island and he discovered. - He settled in the Western Greenland. - He came back to start imigration to Greenland. - 25 ships tried to go there but 14 of them arrived. - Some ships gave up while some others disappeared at sea. 5. - Biggest island in the world, is not a continent. - 81 percent of water - Avarage temperature is -7C - Almost 2 months, Greenlandic do not see sun lights. 6. While the winter season, ice-field expands North America to Russia 7. - There is no official census data on religion - They are mostly Christian - It is estimated that 85 percent of the Greenlanders are members of the Church of Denmark 8. Ethnic groups : 88% Inuit (including Inuit-Danish mixed) 12% Europeans, mostly Danish Art: Tupilaq is an traditional art for Inuits Music: Rock and hip-hop is popular kinds of musics in Greenland and they performed in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. 9. - Inuits used to live in Igloos. Today, its an tradition part of Inuit culture. 10. Inuits carry their houses away to start hunting 11. Ilulissat, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 12. - Ice-Fishing - Greenland shark - Narwhal - Seal 13. Greenlandic down under the snow to looking for mussel when tide happens Its really dangerous because water may suddenly come back and sea level can rise 14. Their favorite meal is Kiviak (Birds) They save the dish for rainy days Kiviak is the dish of choice for birthdays and weddings 15. Polar bears are also a dish for Greenlandic. But, sometimes Greenlandics are a dish for Polar bears. There are cops for polar bear security. Cops are caught polar bears and carry them to uninhabited ice islands 16. There is a weekly lottery and the prize is 17. Now, she aged 20, and a recent graduate of Norway's reindeer college There are in all 9,785 students distributed among 24 town schools, 62 settlement schools and one school for the specially handicapped. 18. On January 13th, the entire community comes out to celebrate the first sunrise of the new year. 19. Football is national sport in Greenland however they are not FIFA member yet. They took part in the World Men's Handball Championship in Germany, finishing 22nd in a field of 24 national teams. 20. Greenland holds contests to attract tourists such as dog racing ice fishing hiking country racing 21. 18 74 16 23 46 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Power distance Individualism Masculinity Uncertainty avoidance Long term orientation 22. - It is impolite to raise your voice or gesticulate in public in Greenland, so modify your tone of voice and non-verbal gestures accordingly. - In Greenland, both men and women are equally involved in the raising of their children - Greenlanders are individualistic and egalitarian. This can be seen in their gender equality. 23. Eskimo kiss is the act of pressing the tip of one's nose against another's. 24. Documentary: Human Planet Website: http://www.esquire.com/style/answer-fella/answerfella0507 Website: http://whc.unesco.org/ Website: http://www.greenland.com/en/about-greenland/kultur- sjael/historie/vikingetiden/erik-den-roede.aspx Website: http://www.greenland-guide.gl/culture_history.htm