Fall Colors in Idaho

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<p>Apresentao do PowerPoint</p> <p> Fall colors in Idaho </p> <p>Boise, The City of Trees</p> <p>Boise</p> <p>6</p> <p>Boise</p> <p>Boise River</p> <p>Stanley Lake</p> <p>Sun Valley</p> <p>Snake River Mountains </p> <p> Palisades Creek </p> <p>Coeur dAlene</p> <p> Coeur dAlene</p> <p>Coeur dAlene Mountains</p> <p>Sawtooth Valley</p> <p>Coeur dAlene</p> <p>Coeur D'Alene</p> <p>Coeur dAlene</p> <p>Fayette River</p> <p>Sawtooth Mountains</p> <p> Harriman State Park </p> <p> Targhee National Forest</p> <p>Teton Valley</p> <p>Franklin County</p> <p>Sun Valley</p> <p>Ketchum</p> <p>Northern Idaho</p> <p>Sawtooth Valley</p> <p>Northern Idaho</p> <p>Along Oneida Narrows Road</p> <p>Oneida Narrwows</p> <p>Onetda Narrows</p> <p>The Dunes in the fallImage 1 of 5</p> <p>Bruneau Dunes Statte Park</p> <p>Photo Credit: Charles Knowles via Flickr Creative Commons</p> <p>Hum Lake</p> <p>Sun ValleyPhoto Credit: Michael Edminster</p> <p>Photo Credit: Michael Edminster</p> <p>Lilibeth</p>