Explore the History and Ancient Places in China Tour

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China travel is popular among the researchers and history lovers who want to dig into the history of this place. Plan your China tours to enjoy these great places.


  • 1. Explore the History and Ancient Places in China TourChina travel is popular among the researchers and history lovers who want to dig into thehistory of this place. Places here are from the 4th to 14th century and it brings the charmof historical life of Chinese people and kings who ruled this place in ancient times. Planyour China tours to enjoy these great places.China is wonderful destination forthose who wants to enjoy thecultural and historical tour. Chinatourism is known for its Great Wallof China, Beijing and other popularplaces. This city is also wonderfulplace for those who are looking forromantic and peaceful holidays.Start your China tour withDunhuang city this is a town ofmilitary importance located on theSilk Road. It used to be calledShazhou being medium forcommunication between West and East. In 1986, it is permitted to be "China historicaland cultural city". It is situated in the west of Hexi Corridor of Gansu province of China.This city was constructed in 117 BC by Emperor Han Wudi. Other beautiful places whichyou can enjoy here are White Pagoda Dagoda. It is significant in its figure of the WhiteDagoda in Beijing.The Mogao Caves is also known as the Mogao Grottoes and another name of these cavesis the Caves of Thousand Buddhas. They were constructed from the 4th to the 14thcenturies almost above a millennium. It also represents the height of Buddhist art and thisis a home for Buddhist murals, sutras and sculptures it is worlds richest treasure.See the speciality of China tourismChina tourism is not limited to the historical places and cultural thing but it is also offersome of the best romantic places such as Singing Sand Mountain and Lunar Lake. Hetianis another best place to include in your China travel. It is a treasure on the Silk Roadrenowned for its exclusive leftovers of ancient city and specialities as Hetian Jade, Carpetand Silk. It is located at the northern foot of the Karakorgan Range. Here the states ofYutian, Pishan, Qule, Yumi, Shulu and Jingjue were constructed in 1883. Localspecialities of this place are carpet, silk, sheep and Hetian jade. If you visiting museumsin your China tourism you can see a huge quantity of artefacts, including terracottaanimals and figures, coins, clay figurines, carpet fragments, silk, clothing, jade lamps,

2. jewellery, Tibetan bronzes, gold utensils, chased silver, fresco samples, carved woodenbeams and documents. So those who are shopping lovers and want some vintage itemscan also plan their China tour.Museums to see the mummies in China TourThe museum also shows signs of well-preserved mummified cadavers of two Buddhistmonks. The feet of the 5th and 6th century AD mummies are leap to keep them relax inpeace. This museum is one great place to visit in China travel. Here you can also see theruins which are believed to be from ancient Kingdom of Jingjue.Jinquan is developing industrial town which was established in 111 BC as a garrisontown, between 127 and 102 BC. These are few places which are popular from the ancienthistory of China but there are many other place such as Beijing this is a wonderful touristplace and offer many adventurous activities for the children too. This is capital of Chinawhich is also known as the political, economical, educational and cultural centre ofChina. History of Beijing is long was started approximately 500, 000 years ago. Touristswho are planning China tour can include these places in it.To visit China book your international tour packages and enjoy China tours. For moreinfo contact at: www.mastholiday.com