Dublin city

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Trip to Dublin, May 20-30, 2011

Text of Dublin city

  • 1. St. Audoen Church. Visible from where we were staying.

2. Dublin has very pretty street lamps!
3. The Collins Barracks, now home to the National Museum of Decorative Arts.
4. The courtyard of the Collins Military Barracks. Note the markersthat were used to train solders to march in step.
5. We went to an Irish House Party for a nice dinner and live entertainment.
6. This fellow is playing the Uillean pipes (the Irish version of bagpipes).
7. The museum of modern art is housed in the old Royal Hospital. Great exterior!
8. This archwayis part of Christ Church Cathedral. We stayed at the Christ Church apartments across the street.
9. Stained glass at Christ Church Cathedral
10. Beautiful medieval floor tiles
11. Baptismal font