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  • 1. A SHORT HISTORY OF BLACKPOOL By Martynas and Tomas

2. ThomasClifton and Sir Henry Hoghton built a private road to Blackpool. That made it much easier to reach. 3. Thesame year stagecoaches began running to Blackpool from Manchester. In 1782 they began running from Halifax. 4. Blackpoolis famous for its tower. 5. BlackpoolTower was built between 1891 and 1894. 6. MODERN BLACKPOOL Inthe late 19th century Blackpool grew at a phenomenal rate. 7. TodayBlackpool is, of course, a thriving resort with many attractions. 8. BlackpoolSea Life Centre opened in 1990. 9. Todaythe population of Blackpool is 142,000. 10. Todaythe population of Blackpool is 142,000.