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2. WHAT DID I DO, WHERE HAWE I BENThis year I went to a big city full of fotballers and their fans Barcelona. With my family we went to a pretty bigCroation island Korula. After that, I was in Pineta with mycousine. But most of the time, when I was at home, I wasat one of the most beautiful places on earth Pene. 3. MY REGULAR DAYMy regular day started early in the morning, at 7:30.I went running for half an hour our for 45 minutes.Then I did some strenght practice, and head to the shop toget a fresh breakfast. Then I went to Pene, where I spentalmost the whole day. At 16:00 I came back home to eatsomething, and then I went to the sports centre in Putal. 4. MY TIPYCAL BREAKFAST My favourite brakfast was really simple. It was a freshbaguette, ham, green salad and 4 slices of tomatoe.Well, it was even more simple for me, becaouse I simplyordered it in a shop. Almost every time I drank Solalemonade whit it. I ate my breakfast in Pene(in the picture). 5. BARCELONADuring last school year, I went in Barcelona with my fotball teamfrom Kranj, ND Triglav. We went there whit a small, but fully takenplane. We entered an international footbal competition and wewon! In Barcelona we once went swimming, so we swam inMediteran sea. We didnt visit any historical sights, but we were onthe biggest European stadium - Camp Now. It was something specialfor me , because I am a Barca fan, and I hope, that I will be runningon that grass. Some day 6. SO WE WERE ALL HAPPY, WITH NO WORRIES,ENJOYING OUR TIME WITH FRIENDSBUT THEN 7. SCHOOL STARTED 8. THE ENDTHANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!