Asia Expat Guides: Unusual Laws in Singapore

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Moving to a new, foreign country is a daunting task which many expats find very overwhelming. At Asia Expat Guides, we understand your concerns and your specific needs as an expat. We routinely share articles and expat tips about moving to Asia at In this particular slide, we compile the unusual laws in Singapore. Did you know you are not allowed to chew bubblegums in Singapore?


<ul><li> 1. Unusual Laws in Singapore A Guide for New Expats in SingaporeBy: Asia Expat Guides</li></ul> <p> 2. Singapore, the fine city To many people who have visited this small city/country, Singapore is indeed a fine city. It is almost utopian with the ultra-cleanliness and orderliness, unlike its Southeast Asian neighbors. However, the word fine for Singapore carries double meaning as there are numerous unusual regulations that can get you fined, or penalized, in Singapore; even for doing things that are considered normal in your home country. Here are just some of the unusual things that are forbidden in the Lion City. 3. Singapore takes cleanliness very seriously and apparently gum just causes too much of a mess to be sold in the country at all. If you can't live without it, just bring a little with you before your trip to Singapore, make sure to keep it in your mouth and stick it at the trash can afterwards. Bringing chewing gums in large amount and spitting it on the floor can cause you to pay a hefty fine. 4. Don't think about connecting to that unsecured network of your neighbor. If you are caught just quickly logging on, it is considered "hacking" and offenders can be fined for stealing, even facing charges punishable by up to three years imprisonment. If you dont have internet connection at home, go to coffee shops offering free wi-fi or internet cafe. 5. In Singapore, everything has to be kept clean and this extends to the bathroom as well. If you are caught failing to flush a public toilet after using it, you can expect a nice fine, because apparently police officials have been known to check. 6. It is illegal to litter in many countries, but the punishments for doing it in Singapore are without comparison. Not only can you get a seriously hefty fine, litterers receive "community work orders" where they are forced to pick up trash in public. The punishment is intended to publicly embarrass convicted litterers. 7. Although hugging is a probably a common thing to do in your home country, ask for permission before hugging people in Singapore, otherwise you can be charged for outraging the modesty of another person. In addition, when you havent seen your loved ones for a long time, make sure you are not over affectionate to them when meeting in a public space as you could be charged similarly. 8. For more information about being an expat in Asia, visit </p>