Asia Expat Guides: Sinful Indonesian Cuisine

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Moving to a new, foreign country is a daunting task which many expats find very overwhelming. At Asia Expat Guides, we understand your concerns and your specific needs as an expat. We routinely share articles and expat tips about moving to Asia at In this particular slide, we compile our top picks of Japanese cuisine for new expats in Japan.


<ul><li> 1. Sinful Indonesian Cuisine A Guide for New Expats in IndonesiaBy: Asia Expat Guides</li></ul> <p> 2. Although popular in several countries, Indonesia lays claim to satay as a national dish that was conceived by street vendors which later gained popularity thanks to Arab traders. Satay is skewered meat (goat, beef, chicken or pork) that is cooked upon hot coals and fanned till it is nicely grilled and succulent enough to eat. It is first barbecued in turmeric, and then, after barbecuing, bathed in peanut sauce. 3. A Sumatran creation, rendang is a spicy meat dish. Chicken or beef rendang is prepared using coconut milk and a paste of mixed ground spices. In 2011, an online poll held by CNN International declared rendang as the top dish among the Worlds 50 Most Delicious Foods. Traditional recipes require about four hours to prepare! 4. Made famous by President Obama who declared it as one of his favorite dishes, bakso is a savory meatball noodle soup. The meatballs can be made of beef, chicken, pork, or a combination thereof. Sold from pushcarts, bakso is served with friend shallots, wontons and boiled eggs. 5. Popular in several Southeast Asian countries including Singapore and Malaysia, nasi goreng is considered a national dish in Indonesia. It is a sweeter version of friend rice, prepared with sweet, thick soy sauce known as kecap. Whats more, it is served with acar (pickled cucumber and carrots). Yum! 6. A concoction of several dishes comprise nasi padang. Named after its birth city in Sumatra, one can choose from more than a dozen dishes. Some of these may sound extremely appetizing, while others may not be so appealing for some, but they include curries with fish heads, cows feet and much more. Takes an adventurous foodie to try these out! 7. For more information about being an expat in Asia, visit </p>