Alaskan Highway Wildlife

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Wildlife along the Alaskan highway.


  • 1.Alaskan Highway Wildlife
    One of the big attractions to travelling along the Alaskan Highway is the wildlife seen along the way.
    The highway is very open with about 100 of cleared land on both sides of the roads ....this is where the animals are easily seen.

2. A cute little Teddy Bear
3. We Stayed in the RV to take Pics
4. Now Hes Looking at Us
5. A Shy Dear Deer
6. He/She Just Kept Walking Away
7. Very Camera Shy
8. A Grey-Headed, Black Tail Duck
9. Hello Mister Moose
10. And How Has Your Day Been?
11. Im Glad that Rock is Between Us and Him
12. A Dall Sheep ...I think?
13. He Ran Away from UsVery Camera Shy!
14. Couldnt Believe How Fast This Guy Ran Up the Hillside
15. Another Black Bear
16. We Never did see a Grizzly
17. Lying Down on the Job
18. Buffalo or Bison?(correctly referred to as Bison)
19. This Buffalo Herd was Quite Large
20. Mommy and Baby
21. Cute Eh!
22. Real Cute!(this was one of the most popular pictures I took)
23. The Bison were Loosing Their Winter Coats
24. Not Having seen Wild Buffalo Before, I could have Taken Pictures All Day
25. We Had Buffalo Burgers For Dinner(not from this wild herd, but from a Bison Ranch in Alberta)
26. The Sign SaidWatch for Horses on the Road
27. Wild or just Loose on the Road?
28. It Must have been Lunch Time
29. A Scruffy Looking Raven
30. Nesting Cranes
31. Could that be a Beaver Lodge?
32. Mountains, Trees, and Cranes
33. We Need Some Help in Identifying This Guy?
34. Not Actually Seen on the Alaskan Highway(but very busy enjoying dinner in the Valdez Harbour)
35. A King-size Alaskan Mosquito
36. Thanks for Looking at the Pics
I have made a separate collection for the sites we saw along the highway and another collection for the beautiful scenery along the highway