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  • 1. Europe:The Physical Aspects Constructed By: Dakotah, Malani, and Saif

2. Mountains 3. The Alps

  • When most people think of Mountains in Europe, this is what they think of. The Alps! This vast range stretches over 700 miles from Monaco to Albania. The tallest mountain in the range is Mont Blanc. It is 15,771 ft.

4. Other Important Mountain Ranges with Lengths 5. Scandinavian Mountains - 1095 miles 6. Carpathian Mountains - 900 miles 7. Caucasus Mountains - 683 miles 8. Apennine Mountains - 620 miles 9. Plains 10. Great Hungarian Plains

  • Located 100 meters above sea level. This area is very dry and depends on run off water from The Alps.

11. North European Plain

    • This plain is about 2500 miles long. The Plains are very fertile; therefore, much agriculture is done here.

12. Plateaus 13. Meseta This is a central plateau. The Meseta covers half of Spain and spans 2300 x 2000 feet. 14. Massif Central This mountainous plateau is 32,198 sq. ft. It is located in southeastern France. 15. Scandinavian Shield An area composed of granite made by receding glaciers. It is composed of small lakes connected by rivers. 16. So next time you think of Europe.... 17. Don't Just Think This 18. 19. Think This!! 20.