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  1. 1. 2011 most popular monikers in Catalonia
  2. 2. Top 2 most popular names of girl .
    • In the first position:Luca
    • Luca became popular because of Luca Etxebarria. She is a famous writer who wroteEl contenido del silencio , a book which was released in 2011, and has won many awards.
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    • For girl:
  4. 4.
    • In the second position: Claudia
    • ClaudiaHernndez was a very important woman. She was the first woman in Spain who fought for her rights. Most parents have chosen this name because Claudia Hernndez is a role model.
  5. 6. Top 2 most popular names of boy.
    • In the first position:Marcos
    • Marcosis the most popular name for boys after the cartoonMarco . Marco was a character who travelled around the world to find his mother in company of monkey Amedio.
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    • In the second position:Pol
    • Pol IVwas a king who reigned Catalonia on the VIII century. He helped all Catalan people in the confrontation with the Arabs.