10 ways to protect your laptop when travelling

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Travelling with a laptop? Follow these rules, and you have a good chance of getting back home with your laptop - and your data - intact.


<ul><li> 1. 10 tips to keep your laptop safe while travelling</li></ul> <p> 2. Travelling with a laptop?Follow these rules, and you have a goodchance of getting back home with your laptop - and your data - intact. 3. Tip 1: back up 4. While travelling, back up your data asfrequently as you can to minimize the risk of losing stuff if your laptop is stolen. Either back it up to the cloud using a freeapplication such as Dropbox or Google Docs,or to a memory stick. 5. Keep sensitive and valuable files separatefrom your laptop. 6. Tip 2: investigate tracking 7. Investigate applications that can locate your laptop by its IP address if its lost or stolen, or even allow you to wipe data remotely.But be aware that some of these applications are not alltheyre cracked up to be, and can be difficult to remove. The best way around this is to type the product nameinto a search engine and add reviews. Youll soon find whether or not the product is badly designed or out- and-out malware. 8. Tip 3: get a laptop lock 9. Buy a laptop lock with a cable that allowsyou to secure it to something immoveableor bulky.A thief is unlikely to take your laptop if he has to bring a desk with it.If in a car, use the seat belt anchor pointsand put the laptop under a seat, or in the boot. 10. Tip 4: dont advertise 11. Instead of putting your laptop into anobvious laptop bag, keep it in somethingelse. If you walk around with a bag with Toshiba or Apple written on it, youreadvertising that you own something worth stealing. 12. Tip 5: use a safe 13. If you are staying at a hotel and need to goout, put your laptop in the hotel safe.If youre travelling in a hotspot, it might be wise to get a handwritten receipt for it,too. 14. Tip 6: beware of wireless 15. Make sure that you do not log ontounsecured wireless connections.Anyone can easily access your laptop, andsteal your data. If you do need to use wifi in a bar or restaurant, make sure you turn your internet settings to public to minimise sharing. 16. Tip 7: switch off Bluetooth 17. If your device is Bluetooth enabled, keepit switched off unless you need it. As well as making your laptop visible to anyone nearby, there have been reportsof bluejacking, where someone sends you potentially damaging data such as avirus; and bluesnarfing, where someoneactually steals data. 18. Tip 8: no online banking 19. Avoid accessing your financial and bankingrecords while youre away, especially whenusing public wireless networks.Its a quick way to ensure your data ends up in the wrong hands! 20. Tip 9: no saved passwords 21. While online on sites, do not save passwords or remember me.If a thief gets hold of your computer, theyhave easy access to your accounts and online identity. 22. Tip 10: clear history 23. Lastly, make sure that you always clear your history after browsing the web. Web browsers remember every site and everything youve done on your laptop. 24. 1 in 10 business laptops gets stolen.The result can be catastrophicLearn more about physical security now and getprotected against theft!Download the 16 page whitepaper 25. Image creditsSlide 3: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2011/01/google-docs-updated/Slide 3: http://www.flash-data-recovery.co.uk/373/Slide 6: http://laptop-tracking-review.toptenreviews.com/Slide 8: http://blog.kensington.com/security/2010/10/13/clicksafe%E2%84%A2-keyed-laptop-lock-%E2%80%93-an-engineering-marvel/Slide 10: http://coastcaribbeanimages.com/photographs.cfm?PageAction=Details&amp;PhotoID=5723Slide 10: http://www.niyakidsjewelry.com/double222Slide 12: http://www.hotelroomsafe.com/Slide 14: http://www.alphatechonline.co.uk/wireless-networking-p-22.htmlSlide 16: http://msaisuresh459.blogspot.com/2011/07/shock-ur-friends-with-bluetooth.htmlSlide 18: http://eugene-tordecilla.blogspot.com/2011/05/online-banking-vs-remittance-centers.htmlSlide 20: http://paulshomecomputingblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/five-minute-security-tip-safe-secure-strong-passwords-will-increase-your-computers-safety/Slide 22 : http://tips.artoftheiphone.com/2009/01/13/how-to-delete-the-iphones-safari-browser-history/ </p>


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