10 Reasons Why Delaware Beaches Are The Best

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The Beach is destined to become everyone’s favorite book about the wildlife, nature and awesome beauty of coastal Delaware. Take a moment to turn these pages and you will see why.The power of Kevin Fleming’s award-winning photography is instantly obvious. Never before has one photographer so completely captured the beauty of Delaware’s beaches along with an incredible variety of coastal wildlife and wild places. From the salt marshes, forests and wetlands along the Delaware Bay to the First State’s Atlantic Ocean beaches and inland bays Kevin has discovered a unique landscape that most people rarely get to see. His evocative images are both familiar and surprising. Here are herons, egrets, gulls, cormorants and even the underwater world of crabs and seahorses. Kevin has photographed nature’s dramatic life-or-death struggles like a Great Blue Heron about to kill and eat a young Clapper Rail. Here too, Kevin captures nature’s quiet moments with so many stunningly beautiful landscapes. Traveling by kayak, boat, airplane, bicycle and by his trusty Toyota 4Runner four-wheel drive the veteran photographer spent two years in a quest to find these unforgettable images that are the essence of coastal Delaware. Whether he is standing waist-deep in a salt marsh or waiting at the ocean’s edge for the perfect sunrise Kevin puts the viewer at the dramatic center of every photograph. Even a lifelong resident of the beach will see their home with a new appreciation. Visitors will discover there is much more than first meets the eye along Delaware’s coast. Kevin has captured so many incredible moments and landscapes that The Beach is a “must have” book for your coffee table. You will want to take this book home and share these treasures with your family and friends. The Beach is a breathtaking testament to the beauty of nature in coastal Delaware. Come turn the pages of this powerful book and you will remember these classic photographs for a lifetime.

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  • 1. 10 Reasons Why Delaware Beaches Are The Best
  • 2. Watching fireworks with a great view of historic WWII observation towers
  • 3. Surfing at Cape Henlopen without being interrupted by hundreds of other surfers
  • 4. An occasional snowfall
  • 5. Dewey Beach: 10 bars and 10 hotels in 0.3 square miles
  • 6. Theyre beautiful and clean
  • 7. Fascinating wild life
  • 8. Gorgeous light houses
  • 9. Sunrises like this
  • 10. All you can eat crabs, all the time
  • 11. Need I say more?
  • 12. For more great pictures of Delaware beaches, check out Kevin Flemings new book, The Beach. Visit www.ourbeachbook.com now to buy this autographed treasure in time for the holidays. Shipping is free.