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  • 1. World History: Midterm
    By Alexis Apgar

2. The Last Ice Age70,000 BCE 10,000 BCE
The Agricultural Revolution coincided with the end of the last
Ice Age At the end of the Ice Age human migration across the
earth began
The Neolithic Age10,000 BCE 4,000 BCENeolithicNew Stone Age
Gradual shift from:
Nomadic lifestyle settled, stationery lifestyle.
Hunting/Gathering agricultural production and domestication of animals.
Transition to agriculture: 11,000 8,500 B.C.E.
3. The Agricultural Revolution8,000 BCE 5,000 BCE
Agriculture developed independentlyin different parts of the world.
Advantages & Costs of Agriculture
Steady food supplies
Greater populations
Leads to organized societies
Heavily dependent on certain food crops (failure=starvation)
Disease from close contact with animals, humans, and waste
Population growth prevents return to the hunting and gathering life.
4. First Civilizations
The first civilizations were developed :

  • Because of the need to organize large-scale irrigation projects

5. Population density created competition, warfare, and trade.States were established, ranked officials employed by the king,to coordinate and regulate the complex city communities.
6. Effects of the New Civilizations

  • The Sumerians were the first in record to have a written language.

7. Writing served an accounting function and gave weight and specificity to orders, regulations, and laws. 8. Slavery began they were prisoners of war, criminals, or debtors but their children could become free people. 9. Patriarchy also took place because the labor became more physically demanding with plows and herding large animals and also due to warfare.
10. The Persian Empire

  • Persian conquests under the rule of monarchs Cyrus and then Dariusexpanded Persias rule from Egypt to India.

11. In order to gain their followers and officials support of conquered territories Persian kings upheld local religious cults. 12. Cyrus allows Jews to return to Jerusalem after being exiled in Babylon. 13. Persians try to expand into Greek territory only to be defeated by the Greeks in the Greco-Persian Wars.