Working With Google Docs

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  • 1. -346710105410Working with Google Docs
    Intro here
    Login to your Siena gmail account:
    • 1751965261620Type right into the address bar at the top of the web browser.
  • 2. 4519295197485Click Sign in and log in to your Google Docs account


  • From the Start Page, click on

3. Google Docs. 4. .2690495353060
To create a new document:

  • Click New from the menu options and then select Document


  • Your new blank document will appear and you can begin editing it.


  • To give your document a new title click File and Rename.


  • 352425532130If you see the following, click the information bar and select

5. Temporarily Allow Scripted WindowsYou may have to repeat Step 3 again to change the title.

  • 483870410210Type in a new title and select OK.

6. You can now type in anything you wish to add to your document and use the formatting tools to edit it.Formatting Tools480060326390

  • 1060450372745You can also insert things such as an Image or Link.

Click on Insert and then select one of the available options.

  • To insert an image, select Browse and navigate to where you have the image saved.

837565158115Then click Insert

  • To insert a link, copy and paste in the URL for the website

On the line that says Text, enter the word or phrase that you would like to have appear as the link.(This way the actual web address will not be visible on the screen)
612775621030Example: I am inserting a link to the Google homepage but instead of having appear on the screen, the link will simply say google.

  • Remember to save your work and save often, just to be sure.Click Save or Save & Close listed on the right.


  • To return to your list of google docs (ones you have already created), click on Docs Home at the top right

You may have to refresh the page to see the updated one you were just working on.
To edit an existing Google Doc

  • From your start page click on Google Docs. (You could also just click on the document you wish to edit if it appears in the given list there)

If you are already in your Google Docs you can simply go from there

  • Click on the document you wish to make changes to.


  • Your document will open in a new window and you can continue working with it as you were before.

7. To share a document: 8. Open the document you wish to share with others. 9. 1203325363855Click on Share over on the right and then select Invite people 10. You can choose who you would like to share the document withStart typing the name of the person you would like to share with and you should see their email popup.Click on the correct one and that person will be added to the list.
You can also add a message to send along telling the person you have shared this document with them.

  • Their email will appear in the box after you have selected it

You have the option of giving this person
the ability to simply view the document or
Once you have completed the list, you can choose to send the message, or simply share the document without sending an actual can give them permission to edit the
document as well.
Select whichever option you choose.

  • After you share this document you can return to your Docs Home and you will be able to see how many people you are sharing the document with.The number will appear next to the document.

Adding additional items:

  • You can also add more than just a document.Google Docs gives you the option of adding a new Spreadsheet or Presentation as well.

11. Click on New and select whichever option you would like. 12. 1132205147320 13. You can edit them much in the same way you would edit a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation.