Workflows for share point 2013

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Workflows for share point 2013


  • 1. Workflows SharePoint 2013
  • 2. Agenda History of Workflows Overview New Workflow Architecture Workflow Manager 1.0 Visio 2013 & SharePoint Designer 2013 Visual Studio Workflow Workflow Types Workflow Manager 1.0 in Depth
  • 3. History of Workflows SharePoint 2003 No OOB Workflows 3rd Party SharePoint 2007 Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET Framework 3 Hosted Workflow Foundation Runtime WF dependent services implemented by SP SharePoint 2010 Same core architecture as MOSS 2007 .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Visio for Business Analyst Site workflows & Reusable workflows
  • 4. Pre SharePoint 2013 Workflows Visual Studio developed workflows Limited to farm solutions (fully trust) Only available in On-Premises No support for Office 365 Knowledge of Workflow API Development & deployment of Custom forms Lack of transparency What workflows were deployed / are running History of previously run workflows Scalability directly tied to SharePoint
  • 5. Workflow overview Automating business processes. Build on Windows Workflow Foundation 4
  • 6. Workflow glossary of terms Workflow Definition Create in Visual Studio Not in SharePoint Designer Workflow Association / Subscription (Creation of a Service Bus Topic) Workflow Instance Workflow Episode Supporting Artifacts Workflow Tasks List Workflow History List
  • 7. Workflow Tools Out of the box workflows Power User / Business Analyst / Visio 2013 SPD 2013 Developers Visual Studio 2013 Office Developer tools for VS
  • 8. New Architecture
  • 9. Workflow Manager 1.0 Product built by Windows & Azure Teams Flexible deployment model On-Premises SharePoint 2013 deployment In the Cloud for Hosted SharePoint 2013 (Office 365) Works the same way Workflow Manager Farm SharePoint 2013 & Workflow Manager 1.0
  • 10. Architecture & Scaling Major Components Workflow Front End (SharePoint / Web Service) Service Bus (Pub / Sub model) Workflow Back End (Windows Service) Scalability Can reside on SharePoint Servers or different servers HTTPS (for Production) HTTP (for Dev) Can stay behind a load balancer
  • 11. Installing Workflow Manager 1.0 Acquire Workflow Manager 1.0 Web Platform Installer Web Platform Installer Command line Download Workflow Manager + Prerequisites Install Workflow Manager + Prerequisites Install Workflow Manager 1.0 Client on SharePoint 2013 Servers Proxy used by SharePoint Server to communicate with the Workflow Manager REST API Workflow Manager Tools for Visual Studio Adds tools Visual Studio for development and debugging of Workflows
  • 12. Configuring Workflow Manager 1.0 Create the Service Bus & Workflow Manager Farm Run the Workflow Manager configuration wizard Create the databases & provision the Service Bus & Workflow Manager Farm Also generate PowerShell Scripts to provision via PS Associate SharePoint 2013 & Workflow Manager 1.0 Farm Only needs to execute association one time per farm Target site is just endpoint for Workflow Manager to call
  • 13. Management of Workflow Manager 1.0 All management is done using PowerShell PowerShell Module: Workflow Manager Load Manually Load Automatically Workflow Manager PowerShell Two Types of PowerShell Management command Deployment Microsoft.Workflow.Deployment.Commands Security Microroft.Workflow.Commands Workflow Manager Best Practice Analyzer
  • 14. Updating Workflow Manager 1.0 Workflow Manager 1.0 RTM shipped prior to SharePoint 2013 RTM Azure Service February cumulative update KB2799752: Service Bus 1 Cumulative Update 1 KB2799754: Workflow Manager Cumulative Update 1 Suspend & Resume workflow capabilities Unhandled & Validation error termination Configuration Wizard Long integer Performance & Debugging SharePoint 2013 March 2013 Public update (KB2767999) Office developer tools for Visual Studio
  • 15. Updating Workflow Manager 1.0 Cont Install Azure Service Updates Service Bus 1.0 Cumulative Update 1 Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 1 Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 1 via WebPI Installs Service Bus 1..0 CU as a Prerequisite SharePoint 2013 March 2013 Public Update After update, rerun the workflow registration service with force
  • 16. Visio 2013 What's New & Improved Added support for stages Shape Properties can be modified Exporting made simple Demo
  • 17. SharePoint Designer 2013 Whats New Stages Loops Visio visual designer in SPD 2013 Cut, Copy, Paste Support for calling Web Services Demo
  • 18. Architecture In depth
  • 19. Model based on Pub Sub
  • 20. Q&A