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WordPress and Podcasts

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Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks Oh my!

WordPress and PodcastsJulie KuehlWhat I Will and Will Not coverFirst

Photo courtesy Flickr user Andrew TarrantWILL:Hosting servicesPost-production processShow notesEmbedding audio/video in WordPress

WONT:WordPress setupRecording podcastsTopic choiceThe PodcastPart oneTheres a lot of One-Time setupNameURLDescriptionHosting service

Photo courtesy Flickr user Rohit MattooTheres a lot of One-Time setupiTunes hoopsArtworkBumpersCo-hosts?Equipment

Photo courtesy Flickr user Rohit MattooOoooooooh, Shiny!

Best resource Ive seen

My WorkflowSkype with Call RecorderConvert to AIFF using Call Recorders Movie ToolsRun through LevelatorImport into GarageBand to editExport as MP3Upload to Buzzsprout

Photo courtesy Flickr user ZoomarMy WorkflowCreate post on WP siteEmbed Buzzsprout infoUse CoSchedule / Zapier to publish to social media

Photo courtesy Flickr user ZoomarThe websitePart twoWhats the focus? Whats The Purpose?Before we beginWebsites with Podcasts

Photo courtesy Flickr user Jon CandyIf your podcast SupportS your websiteMarketing infoTutorialsReviewsInterviews / backstoryShenanigansKey metric: pageviews

Photo courtesy Flickr user Steve

Podcast Websites

Photo courtesy Flickr user drocpsuIf Your Website Supports your podcastShow notesLinksScheduleBios / guest infoForumsKey metric: podcast downloads

Photo courtesy Flickr user Steve

Questions to askWhat is your goal?Downloads? Site visits? Time commitment?Relationship to your blog?What will you be asking the site to do? Heavy traffic? Heavy database use? Whos going to using it?What are you comfortable with?Anyone whos still with meSo what do you recommend?

Photo courtesy Flickr user Brendan Riley

My (free) AdviceStay focused on the priorityFigure out (ask!) what your listeners want/needContent is king, for both your podcast and your websitePhoto courtesy Flickr user Angie TorresPodcast PluginsBuzzsprout - hostedBlubrry - hostedSeriously Simple Podcasting self hostedLibsyn - hostedeveryone in this roomCan you break that down, please?

Photo courtesy Flickr user Nstor BaltodanoMeIn the end, its about the podcast and not the website.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Bashar Al-Banoon

Ride Your own RideIn the end, you have to

Thank You!Questions?

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