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Slides from my talk at Wordcamp Edmonton - "Strategies, Tips, & Trick

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1. Strategies, Tips, & Tricks:Content Creation & Blog Marketing 2. About Me Nick Coe (@nick_coe) Marketing & Advertising Traditional & Digital 3. Bigger Picture Average person online 60 hours/month 94 domains, 3K webpages 25 hours viewing content 4. Your Visitors Thus, your content must 1. Show Benefit ASAP (Content Strategy) 2. Be Accessible (Marketing Strategy) 5. How? Think of your blog as a cupcake Passion Areas Shared Topics Related Topics Main Subject 6. Starting Point - Research Topics Far & Wide Social Sites Relevant forumsTip: Google Keywords High Volume Low Competition Keywords Go NicheTip: SEO Moz Keyword Search EnginesDifficulty Tool SocialTip: Twitter Search hashtags Intuition 7. Basic Structure General Featured Image Headline Intro Body Conclusion Specific 8. Structure With Style Old marketing principle A.I.D.A.Attention: grab the readers attention! Interest: quickly address benefits Desire: confirm their interest Action: show them what to do next 9. More Tips Dont sell, teach Make it digestible Would I read (and share) it? 10. Content Summary Headline + Featured Image Attention Tip: Check DIGG headlines & test, test, test Featured Image + First sentence Interest Tip: Keywords to the front, thumbnail + excerpt Body Desire Tip: KISS, be concise, use lists Post-Body Action Tip: Social Sharing & Related Posts plugins 11. Spreading the word Build and they will come? If content is king, design is queen, then 12. Context is GOD Gary V. Not what you deliver, but how Engagement Listening People dont care about you But they care what others say Friends, family Influencers, thought leaders 13. Marketing Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Interruption Attraction (Accessibility!) Advertising Search, Social Telemarketers VS. Email, Other Tip: 14. Inbound Marketing Source: 15. Inbound Marketing SEO Quality, not Quantity Eye on traffic Google Analytics Plugin Tip SEO Pack Social Produce pointable content Engage, listen, optimize Plugin Tip: WP To Twitter, Wordbooker 16. Inbound Marketing Email Most valuable online, social property Plugin Tip: WP Autoresponder & Newsletter Mailchimp Other - Sweat Marketing Guest blogging (yours + others) Plugin Tip: User Capabilities Comment marketing, forums Infographics, Video, eBooks 17. Resources Content Copyblogger Problogger Quora thread What are good books and blogs for learning copywriting? Marketing Hubspot Duct Tape Marketing SEOMoz 18. Thanks! Thanks! Any Questions?